Dandelion Tea Side Effects


Dandelion tea is a wonderful herbal tea that is very popular around this time of the year.  In fact, with the recent boom in its popularity, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular kinds of herbal teas on the market. But what about dandelion tea side effects? Is there something we need to consider?

Most people feel that dandelion plants are worthless weeds that should be eradicated.  One of my recent goals is to help spread the word about the potential uses and benefits of this widespread plant.  Although a large majority of the dandelion tea health impacts are positive, it is possible to experience Dandelion Tea Side Effects.  These side effects are generally mild, and most can be avoided if the tea is consumed in moderation.  Read more about the Side Effects on this detailed guide.

Prior to Experiencing Dandelion Tea Side Effects

Dandelion Tea Side Effects

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I always recommend for everyone to speak with a doctor or healthcare professional prior to consuming herbal tea, and the same is true for this herbal tea.  Dandelion tea is generally considered a safe herbal tea, but it may interact with prescription meds or cause unpleasant reactions for people with severe allergies.  

Following this advice will help you avoid potentially experiencing these risks in addition to the other Dandelion Tea Side Effects listed on this guide.  Better safe than sorry!


dandelion tea side effects

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This guide focuses on a few of the primary Side Effects to educate you about the potential for unfavorable reactions.  It will help encourage you to take the proper precautions to avoid these Side Effects.

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Dandelion Tea Side Effects

It is our experience that, if you are allergic to dandelion, the most common type of indiction of such allergy is going to show up on your skin. You will probably notice an itchy rash and it is likely that you skin will “puff up” with a bit of red or inflamed coloration.

You may also notice that you get tchy/inflamed eyes. Please note whether any other allergens are present (e.g.: is it allergy season), to determine whether it may be the dandelion or something else causing the problem. You may also experience somewhat of a slight stuffed up or runny nose!


Dandelion Tea Side Effects

It is said that dandelion tea can stimulate your appetite. How? Dandelion contains a certain amount of an element known as “bitters”. You’ve heard of these before, but is your mouth watering yet?

I ask because bitters tend to “prompt” your taste buds into gear, which then prompts enzyme production (which is critical to your digestive process). This, of course, will aide in your digestion process!


There have been rare instances of women experiencing general discomfort or mild inflammation of the bladder (cystitis).

Also, along the same lines, but a bit more on the positive side, dandelion root is often cited as being capable of improving your liver’s ability to more efficiently detoxify. This relates, in part, to the enzyme production we referred to earlier (in the form of “bile”), which is a key piece in allowing your digestion to run more efficiently. The more efficient you are as a producer of “bile”, which may be enhanced by dandelion, the more active your urinary and digestive system will become!

Prescription Medications

You need to be very careful on this one. There is well documented interplay between consumption of dandelion and interference with certain prescription medications. This is where you MUST speak with your doctor of medical care provider for advice!

This is largely because the dandelion, particularly when consumer in large or very frequent doses (like multiple cups of dandelion tea per day), might decrease the effectiveness (also known as “efficacy”) of some antibiotics – a scary result, particular if the antibiotics are aimed at treating a life threatening condition!

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Dandelion Root Tea (also known as Dandelion Coffee) is the most popular form of dandelion tea. In fact, its popularity continues to grow each year and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular herbal teas on the market!

It is made with dandelion roots, as you might have guessed from its name, and it is known for its dark appearance and bitter flavor.

We like that this one tastes particularly good regardless of whether served hot or cold. That versatility of taste makes it a great candidate for year round consumption. Why? Because, often times, herbal tea drinkers prefer their teas warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months. This particular dandelion root tea will allow you to do just that!


Dandelion Tea Side Effects

I hope that this post has helped you discover the potential dandelion tea side effects. Dandelion tea is generally considered safe for a majority of the population, especially when it is consumed in moderation.  The major concern would be the risk of a reaction for individuals with severe allergies and, of course, the potential for interference with certain prescription medications. 

Speaking with a healthcare professional prior to consuming dandelion tea will help you avoid any potential for adverse effects.  IT IS A CRITICAL STEP in the consumption of any herbal teas, so please promise us not to skip it!

Stay informed about herbal tea side effects, but remember that the benefits often outweigh any potential for negative impacts.  If you have any questions regarding the Side Effects, please contact me or post in the Comments section below.

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Have you experienced any Dandelion Tea Side Effects?  How did it impact you?  Please share your knowledge and experiences with the HTH community by posting a comment below.  I appreciate you taking the time to post, and I personally read and respond to all comments!

6 Replies to “Dandelion Tea Side Effects”

    1. Oh No!

      Please consult with a medical professional. You should not take dandelion tea if your body reacts negatively to it!

      Please keep us posted and please be sure to stay on the safe side!


    2. That’s a side effect of detoxing, it’s basically a good sign. The headaches will go away after a while. Don’t forget to drink a lot to stay hydrated.

      1. I hope your headaches have come under control! Sam is right that they can be a sign of detox, but they could also be something more. Be sure to check in with your medical professional to ensure that the tea isn’t causing these particular symptoms. There are plenty of alternatives (like Ginger Root Tea) so if one type of herbal tea isn’t working, be sure to experiment with another! Just promise us that you’ll be safe and listen to your body and your medical professional!


  1. Dandelion root tea ,tastes like coffee,so if your not coffee drinker try something else.
    Wanting bile help, digestion kidney bladder.
    I may try another brand,
    I drink 2 cups before bed.

    1. I am a “one cupper” before bed, myself! Seems to help me relax after a long day, though I mostly drink it in the Winter months!


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