Hibiscus Tea Hallucinations

Hibiscus Tea Hallucinations


We all know that hibiscus tea is awesome – neither you nor myself would be here if that wasn’t the case! Made from the “Hibiscus sabdariffa” species, hibiscus tea is blessed with a lot of health or general wellbeing benefits. However, talks of hibiscus tea hallucinations have abounded. 

Any time hallucinations are potentially involved, we want to be sure to take a closer look. Especially when one of our favorite types of herbal teas is involved! Are you brave enough to dive in with us to “see” what we find?!

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Kava Kava High

Kava Kava High


A number of HTH readers have recently written into us with a very specific question – what is a kava kava high and what does it feel like? These readers are clearly familiar with kava kava, but for those of you who are not, we strongly suggest that you broaden your knowledge on kava kava (and kava tea) by taking a quick look at our Ultimate Guide to Kava Kava. Once you’ve developed a foundation knowledge of Kava, you’ll likely be even more interested in the Kava Kava High. Ready to learn more?

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Dandelion Tea Side Effects

dandelion tea side effects


Dandelion tea is a wonderful herbal tea that is very popular around this time of the year.  In fact, with the recent boom in its popularity, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular kinds of herbal teas on the market. But what about dandelion tea side effects? Is there something we need to consider?

Most people feel that dandelion plants are worthless weeds that should be eradicated.  One of my recent goals is to help spread the word about the potential uses and benefits of this widespread plant.  Although a large majority of the dandelion tea health impacts are positive, it is possible to experience Dandelion Tea Side Effects.  These side effects are generally mild, and most can be avoided if the tea is consumed in moderation.  Read more about the Side Effects on this detailed guide.

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Star Anise Taste

star anise taste


Star Anise is a fruit that is produced  by an evergreen tree (Illicium verum), and it has many different benefits and ways to consume.  The method of consuming star anise that is included on this HTH Community is Star Anise Tea, a delicious form of  herbal tea.   Star anise is also used in other yummy foods and beverages including spices, candy, and certain forms of liquor.  The natural sweet taste adds a unique flavor profile   This article describes the unique star anise taste in detail.

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Anise Flavor

anise flavor


Anise is a plant that produces seeds with many different uses.  The primary method of consumption that is discussed on this website is Anise Tea, a popular form of  herbal tea.   The anise seeds are also used as a spice, in candies, and even liquor.  The pleasant anise flavor is one of the main reasons that it has so many applications and is so widely used.  This post is dedicated to the powerful anise flavor, and I provide details in the guide below.

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Hibiscus Tea Side Effects

hibiscus tea side effects


Hibiscus tea is an infusion that utilizes the calyx of the flower, infused/steeped in water as the primary ingredient. The particular strain of hibiscus that is medicinal is Hibiscus sabdariffa.  It is known to have a vast amount of natural benefits associated with it, and many of these benefits can be considered Hibiscus Tea Side Effects.  The best way to reduce or even prevent negative side effects is to consume the tea in moderate quantities and ensure that it doesn’t interact with any prescription medications that you are currently taking.  I will cover the main Hibiscus Tea Side Effects in this post.

Discover how to lose pounds with my related post, Hibiscus Tea Weight Loss

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Hibiscus Tea Weight Loss

hibiscus tea weight loss


Hibiscus tea, made from Hibiscus sabdariffa, has a plethora of different uses in the medical field. Weight loss is one of the main medical uses for Hibiscus tea. An infusion is made by boiling the calyx and allowing it to steep for several minutes creating a deep and flavorful red tea. Learn more about weight loss from Hibiscus tea below.

If you arent too familiar with this fantastic herbal tea, you should go check out my Hibiscus Tea Ultimate Guide.  That article explains everything you need to know and more about Hibiscus Tea.

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Dandelion Root Diuretic

dandelion root diuretic


Dandelion Root Diuretic effects have been well documented.  Many people consume dandelion tea to help “cleanse” their body and the diuretic effects assist in that goal.  It is important to remember that these effects are related to its impact on urination.  Diuretics and laxatives are two separate compounds with two separate effects.  You can read more about this below in the “Guide” section.

Discover other Dandelion Root Tea Benefits!

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Herbal Tea Benefits: Improve Your Health Today

herbal tea benefits

Herbal Tea Benefits: Introduction

There are many significant benefits derived from consuming herbal tea.  The herbal tea benefits vary depending on the variety of the tea you consume.  Some of these benefits change lives, and the tea has the ability to change your life as well.  Many herbal tea drinkers state that the benefits have improved their lives considerably.  You have the ability to choose the type of tea that fits your personal preference.  One of the main considerations you should look at is the potential benefits of the tea under consideration.  If you end up choosing a tea that does not have your desired herbal tea benefits, then you can move on and try another one.  If you are unfamiliar with herbal tea, I suggest reading my Ultimate Guide to Herbal Tea.

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