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Most people view dandelions solely as a pesky weed that needs to be removed and discarded as soon as possible.  They are amazed to discover that this abundant wildflower can actually be used to make a fantastic tea that can improve overall health.  Dandelion tea is becoming increasingly popular more and more people discover how easy it is to prepare this amazing beverage.  There are two primary forms of dandelion tea.  Dandelion root tea is a bitter tea made from the roots of the plant.  This post focuses on the other form of the tea, Leaf Tea!  This kind of Leaf Tea is made using the leaves of the dandelion plant.  Although this particular kind of herbal Leaf Tea isn’t as popular, it is still a great herbal tea that provides real health benefits.

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Dandelion Leaf Tea Overview

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Dandelion Leaf Tea is one of the two primary forms of dandelion tea, and it isn’t as popular as the other form, dandelion root tea.  This kind of Leaf Tea utilizes dandelion leaves as the primary ingredient.  As a result, it is extremely easy and cheap to obtain.  Some people actually pick dandelions from their own yard and use the leaves for tea, but I list some potential issues with this practice in the Best Dandelion Leaf section below.

How does it Taste?

This kind of Leaf Tea is known for its bitter taste, but some consider it milder than dandelion root tea.  I always suggest having a natural sweetener on hand anytime you are planning on making herbal tea.  These sweeteners are especially useful for bitter teas like this one.

Dandelion Leaf Tea Benefits

Dandelion Leaf Tea has a large number of benefits.  I decided to create a visual document to reflect the most important health benefits of consuming this tea.  If you would like to see these benefits in greater detail, I suggest reading my post, Dandelion Root Tea Benefits.  Dandelion root tea is a different form of dandelion tea, but it includes the same active compounds.

dandelion leaf tea benefits

Best Dandelion Leaf Tea

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It is very important to choose quality ingredients when making any form of herbal tea.  Dandelions can be found all over the world, especially in the Spring.  Some people actually pick dandelions and eat them.  I do not recommend picking dandelions yourself and using them in tea unless you can verify that the area has not been treated with fertilizer.  You should also consider whether an animal has defecated nearby; nobody wants tea that literally tastes like poop.   I have included some of my favorite options below.

Raw Dandelion Leaves (1 lb) 

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Great Taste and Quality!

I always recommend purchasing raw or loose herbal tea ingredients over tea bags.  Loose ingredients usually require the extra step of crushing the plant, but there are several benefits as well.  Raw ingredients are healthier and usually more fresh than tea bags.  I have included my favorite dandelion leaf brand below.  This is my favorite way to make Dandelion Tea, and it is much more flavorful than the prepared tea bags.

Leaf Tea (Dandelion) – (24 Bags) 

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Easy to Work With; Great Aroma!

The Leaf Tea style is not as popular as dandelion root tea, so it is more difficult to find quality tea bags.  I always suggest purchasing online, and I’ve found a great brand that provides fresh organic Leaf Teas.  This package contains 24 bags, and it is an inexpensive and easy way to consume this tea!

Dandelion Leaf & Root Tea (96 Bags) 

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Quantity without losing Quality!

If you want to get the most out of dandelion tea, I recommend purchasing a combination of dandelion leaves & dandelion roots.  Traditional Medicinals is a trusted brand of quality tea bags.  This is a larger box of 96 bags, and it will last a long time even for regular tea drinkers.


I hope that this post has helped you discover more about this particular kind of herbal Leaf Tea.  It is difficult for most people to change the way they think about dandelions; many will refuse to even consider consuming part of the plant in tea form.  Give this tea a chance, and it can help improve your overall health!


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