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Spearmint Tea PCOS benefits can help treat Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that affects around 10% of women.  PCOS symptoms are a result of high levels of male hormones (androgens) including testosterone, and fertility issues are common.  The symptoms include irregular periods, excess body hair, acne, and other skin issues.  PCOS currently has no cure, but there are prescriptions and natural methods for controlling the symptoms, including herbal tea.  The leaves of the spearmint plant are the primary ingredient for spearmint tea.  These leaves contain several nutrients which lead to powerful health improvements, including Spearmint Tea PCOS benefits.    The health benefits have helped this herbal tea spread quickly throughout the world, and its popularity is continuing to grow  in the United States.  Learn all about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Spearmint Tea PCOS benefits on this guide.

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Before Consuming Spearmint Tea for PCOS

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I recommend speaking with a healthcare expert prior to consuming herbal tea for the first time, and this pertains to women drinking spearmint tea to balance hormones.  Spearmint tea is generally considered safe to consume in reasonable amounts, but drinking excessive amounts may cause negative side effects.  A medical professional can help discuss any health risks that apply to your personal situation.


how spearmint tea treats pcos

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I completed several hours of analysis related to Spearmint Tea PCOS.  It included studying scientific research and experiments.   Fortunately, many studies have been completed to discover natural treatments for PCOS.  I focused on the data that helped document the Spearmint Tea PCOS effects and summarized it in this guide.  I have included links to the National Institutes of Health website that displays the full scientific research that supports the statements on this guide.  I  organized the information into separate categories that explain how this minty herbal tea helps treat this terrible disorder.  I dedicated the lower portion of this Spearmint Tea PCOS Guide to recommend a specific brand of tea and provide recipe info.

What is PCOS?

As stated above, PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is a health disorder that affects roughly 1 out of 10 women.  The specific genetic and environmental factors contributing to this condition are not known, but it is known to be a result of hormonal imbalances for women.  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Signs & Symptoms include irregular or missed periods, but it can still go unnoticed for several years.  Many experts are frustrated with the PCOS name, because it makes it seem like ovarian cysts must be present for diagnosis.  Many woman do not end up developing ovarian cysts.  PCOS adversely affects fertility and makes it difficult or even impossible to get pregnant.  It also may cause hirsutism, a condition that results in excess body hair.  The areas affected include the face and chest which can be very debilitating emotionally.  PCOS does not have a known cure, but prescriptions exist that help reduce negative symptoms.  The recent focus on natural treatments led to the discovery of Spearmint Tea PCOS Benefits.

What is Spearmint Tea?

Spearmint tea is a herbal tea that is made by brewing/steeping the leaves of the spearmint plant, Mentha spicata.  The leaves are famous for their refreshing taste and minty aroma, both of which are transferred to the tea.  The tea has been consumed for hundreds of years to provide health benefits and treat various diseases.  It was very valuable to many ancient civilizations, and it was commonly used in trade.  The spearmint plant is cultivated all over the world, but it was traditionally found in the Mediterranean region.

How Spearmint Tea PCOS Treatment Works

Spearmint tea is a nutritious herbal tea that contains several beneficial compounds.  Some of these compounds help block testosterone and other male hormones.  The male hormones are known as androgens, and the spearmint tea compounds are classified as an anti-androgens. PCOS symptoms are primarily attributed to high androgen levels, which includes testosterone.  The other health issues that impact women include acne, excessive body hair, and fertility issues.

A recent scientific study (link below) documented the effects of spearmint tea’s anti-androgen compounds.  It stated that spearmint tea did “reduce the level of free testosterone in the blood.”  Another recent study stated that regularly drinking herbal spearmint tea resulted in a drastic decline in women’s self-reported skin issues.

The NIH website displays all of the PCOS scientific research that was referenced on this post.

Experience Spearmint Tea PCOS Benefits

The best way to experience the Spearmint Tea PCOS benefits is to regularly drink spearmint tea in moderate amounts.  It’s not recommended to steep and consume high amounts of tea (3+ cups daily); the studies found that consuming 1-2 cups daily was effective.  The research has stated that the full impact may take a few weeks to occur, so make sure to stay with it!

Spearmint Tea PCOS: Top Brand

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Great Taste; Guilt Free!

Choosing the best tea leaves is an important step towards experiencing the Spearmint Tea PCOS benefits.  I always recommend purchasing loose leaf tea for several reasons.  The primary reasons include that loose leaf tea contains a higher level of nutrients and is more refreshing than tea bags.

My current “go to” for spearmint tea is Wild Foods Spearmint Serene.  Wild Foods is a solid company that markets high quality tea at good prices.  This package has loose leaf spearmint tea that is optimal for experiencing Spearmint Tea PCOS benefits.  These spearmint leaves are always fresh with a powerful minty aroma.

Check out my Top List of Best Spearmint Tea Brands to discover the other loose leaf packages and tea bags that I recommend.

Learn How to Make Spearmint Tea

There are several methods to make delicious Spearmint tea, and the leaves are very easy to work with.  This specific tea is very versatile and can be enjoyed either hot or cold.  As a result, many tea drinkers regularly consume spearmint tea year-round, but I primarily drink this tea in the spring and summer.  I have experimented with numerous spearmint recipes, and I have included my two favorites in my Top Spearmint Tea Recipes.  You should check it out to learn how to make a great and refreshing cup of spearmint tea.


Spearmint Tea PCOS benefits have the potential to improve the lives of the ~ 10% of women that have this disorder.  I hope this post helped you learn how consuming this herbal tea specifically affects hormone levels to treat the symptoms of  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  If you have questions regarding Spearmint Tea PCOS benefits, please post a comment below or send me a message.  Your feedback helps me keep improving this community.

Spearmint Tea PCOS: Comments

Have you experienced Spearmint Tea PCOS benefits?  Were there any side effects?  Please share your experiences with the other Herbal Tea Time readers by posting a comment below.  Your perspective helps improve this community and creates a valuable resource.  I enjoy reading all of the comments, and I will personally respond to each one.

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