Spearmint Tea Hirsutism

Spearmint Tea Hirsutism

Spearmint tea is a refreshing herbal tea that has several powerful health benefits.  One of the lesser-known benefits deals with Spearmint Tea Hirsutism effects.  Hirsutism is a medical condition that causes women to grow extra hair in unusual places.  The areas affected include face, back and chest.  It can be very impactful psychologically, which leads women to search for effective treatments.

Fortunately, spearmint tea appears to be a potential candidate for treating some cases of hirsutism.  This post analyzes the Spearmint Tea Hirsutism benefits and details the important information.

Before Drinking Spearmint Tea for Hirsutism

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I highly suggest talking to your doctor before you drink spearmint tea for the first time, and this includes women consuming spearmint tea to balance hormones.  Spearmint tea is generally considered safe to consume in moderate amounts, but drinking excessive amounts may cause negative side effects.  Your personal can help discuss any health risks that apply to your personal situation.

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Many scientists have completed research related to Spearmint Tea Hirsutism benefits.  This guide summarizes the relevant studies and provides supporting links.  Finally, I have included a link and brief description of a delicious spearmint tea product that helps treat hirsutism at the bottom of this guide.

What is Hirsutism?

Hirsutism is a medical condition that affects hair growth in women.  It causes women to grow additional hair in unusual areas of the body. including the face, back, and chest area.  Hirsutism also increases hair thickness and growth rates.  It is estimated that roughly 10% of women experience Hirsutism, and it affects all ethnic groups.  It is commonly caused by hormonal imbalances in women.  More specifically, it is likely a result of increased male hormones (androgens).  This condition may become very difficult emotionally, and women spend a lot of money attempting to treat the symptoms of Hirsutism.  This Spearmint Tea Hirsutism Guide can teach how to fight unwanted hair and improve overall health at a reasonable price.

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What is Spearmint Tea?

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Spearmint tea is a nutritious herbal tea that utilizes the leaves of the spearmint plant, Mentha spicata, as the primary ingredient.  The spearmint leaves are known for their distinct flavor and smell, and they pass these characteristics to the tea.  This has helped spearmint tea maintain its popularity for hundreds of years.  It originated in the Mediterranean region and spread worldwide as a valuable trade commodity.  It is a very flexible tea that blends well with other herbs and flavors.  Spearmint contains many vitamins and nutrients that generate positive health effects including Spearmint Tea Hirsutism benefits.

How Spearmint Tea Hirsutism Treatment Works

As stated above, Spearmint leaves produce many natural compounds.  A few of these compounds actively inhibit male hormones including testosterone.  The male hormones are commonly referred to as androgens, and the natural spearmint tea compounds are anti-androgens.  Hirsutism is usually caused by high levels of androgens.  The unbalanced male hormones affect women’s body hair.  It increases the growth rate and thickness of hair follicles, and it causes the hair to grow in unusual places.  Hirsutism is just one of the many negative health conditions affecting women that are caused by increased male hormones.  Other related conditions include PCOS, acne,  and fertility issues.

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Several research studies have been completed that analyze the ability of spearmint tea to reduce androgens.  I have included a link to one of the most detailed studies below.  This study documented that herbal spearmint tea was shown to “reduce the level of free testosterone in the blood.”  A similar study documented the ability for spearmint tea to clear acne and improve skin issues.

Here is the NIH (National Institutes of Health) research document referenced above.

Attain Spearmint Tea Hirsutism Benefits

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The primary method to ensure that you experience Spearmint Tea Hirsutism benefits is to consume spearmint tea regularly.  I consider regular consumption at least 3-4x per week.  Drinking cups of spearmint tea daily may provide an even greater benefit, but make sure to avoid drinking several cups every day.  A few of the studies found that the full benefits may take a few weeks to reach their peak, so be patient!

Spearmint Tea Hirsutism: Quality Product

It is very important to select a quality brand of fresh spearmint tea to attain the Spearmint Tea Hirsutism effects.  I usually suggest purchasing loose leaf tea to ensure freshness, but quality spearmint tea bags do exist.  I have included one of my favorite brands below.

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Perfect for Fighting Bad Breath!

Spearmint & Peppermint Blended Tea Bags

When I need a refreshing boost and don’t have the time to brew loose leaf tea, I choose this type of spearmint tea.  The Bigelow brand is known for providing quality tea bags at a reasonable price.  Bigelow actually produces 2 great spearmint tea bag blends.  The first is Mint Medley (this product), and the second is Plantation Mint (Spearmint & Black Tea).  Both options are great, but I prefer this Mint Medley due to the natural combination of the flavors.  Spearmint & Peppermint plants are members of the same “mint” family, and their flavors blend well.


Spearmint Tea Hirsutism benefits have helped many women treat this unfortunate medical condition.  Make sure to speak with your doctor to make sure that it doesn’t interact with your prescription medications.  If you have any questions regarding the Spearmint Tea Hirsutism effects, please message me or leave a comment below.

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Spearmint Tea Hirsutism: Comments

Have you experienced Spearmint Tea Hirsutism benefits?  How effective was it?  Please share your experiences in the Comments section below.  Your comments can help other women suffering from this condition.

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