Rose Hips Benefits

Rose Hips Benefits


There’s no such thing as the perfect herbal tea. Yet, rose hip tea comes close in many ways, particularly because of rose hips benefits! I certainly agree with this and I bet you do as well, especially if you are on this post! Made from pseudo fruits of the beautiful rose plant, its origin alone is a very appealing factor.  Not familiar with rose hips? Check out our Ultimate Guide!

Loving rose hip tea and actually having the best version of it in your hands are two different things. Continue reading if you want to learn how to get the best rose hips benefits!

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How to Make Hibiscus Tea

How to Make Hibiscus Tea


Is hibiscus tea your favorite kind herbal tea? If it is, then you probably have read dozens of articles about how to make hibiscus tea, how to get the right hibiscus tea product, and much more.

That’s completely normal. The fact that you are reading this article means that you’re still searching for the one article that explains it all. You just struck the goldmine then. Let me explain…

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Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Organic Loose Leaf Tea


Do you like peppermint tea? What about spearmint tea? Maybe you partake in hibiscus tea before bed? These are all different kinds of organic loose leaf tea! I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you absolutely adore one of these herbal teas! They are very likable and the continue to BOOM in popularity over the last several months!

Today, we’re not discussing just one particular herbal tea, but all different kinds of organic loose leaf tea! We discuss all sorts of difference aspects of organic loose leaf tea and why you should really consider getting into the “loose leaf” habit – if you haven’t already! I’m excited about this article, are you? Let’s venture into the wild world of loose leaf teas, together!

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How To Make Dandelion Root Tea


Dandelion root tea is one of the numerous gifts nature has given to mankind – at least in terms of herbal tea! Have you ever wondered how to make dandelion root tea for yourself?

People all over the world make use of dandelion tea because it has several health or general wellbeing benefits. Arabian and Chinese medicine have included the roots as part of their healing treatments for thousands of years! 

Are you a fan of the dandelion root tea? Do you want to know how to make dandelion root tea? Is this your first time hearing about it, and if yes, do you want to know more?

Then, today must be your lucky day!

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Hibiscus Tea Hallucinations

Hibiscus Tea Hallucinations


We all know that hibiscus tea is awesome – neither you nor myself would be here if that wasn’t the case! Made from the “Hibiscus sabdariffa” species, hibiscus tea is blessed with a lot of health or general wellbeing benefits. However, talks of hibiscus tea hallucinations have abounded. 

Any time hallucinations are potentially involved, we want to be sure to take a closer look. Especially when one of our favorite types of herbal teas is involved! Are you brave enough to dive in with us to “see” what we find?!

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Hibiscus Tea Before Bed


Hibiscus tea is one of the most popular herbal teas in the world today. A lot of people have experienced numerous health or general well being benefits, especially those who consume hibiscus tea before bed! Are you a fan of the hibiscus tea? Do you consume hibiscus tea before bed?

If you have never heard of it before, do you want to know more? If yes, you are in the right place!! Let’s get down to business!!!

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Pure Leaf Hibiscus Tea

Pure Leaf Hibiscus Tea


Pure leaf hibiscus tea is of the most natural herbal teas on the market. You can’t help but love the way it looks and tastes – just like nature intended. Combine this with its health and/or general wellbeing benefits and it’s a no-brainer! 

Many HTH readers have never tried hibiscus tea, much less pure leaf hibiscus tea. Have you? Let’s take a look at why this particular type of herbal tea is really moving up the charts in terms of popularity!

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Hibiscus Leaves

Hibiscus Leaves


You know that various herbs and other plants have been with mankind since the beginning of time! One of these, namely hibiscus leaves, is a great example of how important they can be to society as a whole!

Hibiscus leaves are well-known around the world today. It’s called by different names by different regions (Jamaica Flower, and so on). Call it what you want. The point remains – Hibiscus Leaves are loved and cherished by most people! Let’s learn more about this awesome gift from nature and find out what benefits it might afford to us!!

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Hibiscus Tea Health Benefits

Hibiscus Tea Health Benefits


Hibiscus tea has been on the rise in the world of herbal teas. You may be wondering why such a drink would be so popular despite being among several other types of tea. The reason is the health benefits and boost in overall well-being that most of the teas consumers will vouch for.

Are you a fan of hibiscus tea? Would you like to learn more? If your answers were yes to any of those questions, then you have found the right place!

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As people are becoming more familiar with Kava, they are beginning to come across references to Kavalactones with greater frequency. Kavalactones, after all, are the “active” ingredient that gives Kava the ability to create the “Kava High” that many Kava enthusiasts are seeking. You’ll want to take a look at HTH’s Ultimate Guide to Kava Kava before digging more deeply into this Kavalactones article – it will help make sure you have the necessary background information and context for understanding this post. After that, its time to dig in and and answer the question – What are Kavalactones and why do they matter? Let’s get started.

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