Dandelion Leaf Tea Recipe


I decided to create this Dandelion Leaf Tea Recipe to help spread the benefits of this unique tea around the world.  You may or may not know, but dandelion leaf tea is absolutely EXPLODING in popularity in the last several months. It is rapidly becoming one of the most popular herbal teas on the herbal tea scene! Probably because of its ease of use and fantastic taste!

Many people view dandelions as a pesky weed, and they never consider other possibilities.  As a result, it can be difficult to convince people to actually try consuming the leaves in tea form.  I hope that this Dandelion Leaf Tea Recipe gives people a nudge in the right direction.

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First, I must STRONGLY suggest speaking with a healthcare professional prior to consuming herbal tea.  The active ingredients in some forms of herbal tea can interact with prescription medications and pose health risks. This is a very important step and we want you to promise us that you will honor our request!

This is a very simple and straightforward Dandelion Leaf Tea Recipe.  I decided to start by giving you information on finding quality ingredients, because this is a crucial step. If you start with high quality ingredients, you are much more likely to end up with a high quality tea. It really is that simple. Quality in = Quality out!

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Although you can usually find dandelions growing somewhere near your house, I suggest purchasing the leaves UNLESS you can verify a few very important important facts. 

You should be able to verify that the wild dandelions have not been treated with herbicides or pesticides, and that they haven’t been contaminated in anyway.  This includes animals urinating and defecating nearby. 

As a result, I feel that purchasing from reputable vendors online is the easiest way to obtain quality dandelion leaves.  I have included a link for quality dandelion leaf tea below. By no means is it the ONLY top quality model – but I have researched it very thoroughly, consume it quite frequently, and feel comfortable introducing the HTH readership to it!

Frontier Raw Dandelion Leaf (1 lb) 

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Easy to Work With; Smooth Taste!

Dandelion Leaf Tea Simple Recipe

Before getting started, you should make sure that your dandelion leaves are ready to use.  I recommend crushing the leaves in a mortar bowl to get the most flavor and nutrients out of them.

This is done by using a “pestle”, which is a type of tool used for grinding. You can also prepare the leaves by dicing or slicing them into very small pieces. The more “crushed” or “cut”, the more flavor you are ultimately going to derive from the leaves themselves!

Dandelion Leaf Tea Recipe

Note: This recipe utilizes a teapot with an infuser.  If you don’t own a teapot with infuser, you can pour the tea mixture in a strainer at the end of steeping to remove the leaf particles. Removing the leaf particular is an important step – you can discard them by placing them to compost in your garden!

Easy List of Ingredients (2 Servings)

  • Organic Raw Dandelion Leaf (3 Tablespoons) (the more leaves – the more flavor)
  • Water (3 Cups)
  • Cinnamon Sticks (4 x ~ 1 inch)
  • Sugar to taste (I use ~ 1.5 Teaspoons) (you can also use sustainably sourced honey)

Easy to Follow Directions

  1. Pour Water (3 Cups) into a teapot and bring to a boil.
  2. Place on low heat and add dandelion leaves and cinnamon sticks.
  3. Steep for 5-7 minutes (longer for stronger flavors)
  4. Turn of heat and allow teapot to cool for 3-4 minutes
  5. Remove infuser and pour tea into desired teacups. 
  6. Add Sugar (optional) and stir. Remember, you can use honey if the sugar produces too much of a “sweet” taste for your liking!
  7. Enjoy, you have now completed the Dandelion Leaf Tea Recipe!


I really hope that my Dandelion Leaf Tea Recipe has motivated you to try this amazing tea.  At the beginning of this post, I told you that dandelion is most certainly NOT just a “pesky weed”. Do you understand why I have that opinion now?

It can take people a little while to acquire a taste for this unique flavor profile, but it is definitely possible.  As a regular dandelion tea drinker myself, I am very happy that I gave it a chance.  I encourage you to make your own edits to this recipe.  After all, variety is the spice of life! If you find something that works, please share it below!

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Do you have another great Dandelion Leaf Tea Recipe? Perhaps you have tried the one that I suggest above but have added your own unique twist? How did it turn out? Do you know of ways to add to this recipe?  Please share your ideas in the Comments section below.  I appreciate you helping the HerbalTeaHour Community grow rapidly!

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  1. I put the dandelion leaves and herbal honey mint organic tea bags (3) in water instead of cinnamon sticks. Added organic raw sugar cane to taste. Smells wonderful…

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