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Dandelion Root Tea is an extremely healthy herbal tea that is made with the roots of the dandelion plant.  This tea is also called Dandelion Coffee due to its dark color and bitter flavor profile Many people consume dandelion root tea as a healthier substitute to regular, although it does not contain caffeine.  I have created this post in order to help members of the Herbal tea Time Community learn about the primary Dandelion Root Tea Benefits.

Dandelion Root Tea can affect people in different ways.  Although this is considered a relatively safe form of herbal tea, I suggest consulting your healthcare professional or doctor prior to consuming dandelion root tea.  Do not consume this tea if you are pregnant are attempting to become pregnant.

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Dandelion Root Tea affects each individual in a unique way.  This post includes some of the primary Dandelion Root Tea Benefits that can be expected for the average individual consuming Dandelion Root Tea.

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dandelion root tea benefits

Fights Free Radicals

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Many herbal teas contain high levels of antioxidants, and Dandelion Root Tea is no different.  Dandelion Roots naturally contain high levels of antioxidants which help fight free radicals.  Free radicals have been shown to damage human cells, so consuming dandelion roots can help promote overall health and wellness by combating the destructive free radicals.

Improved Mobility

Many people suffer from aching joints and muscles as they age, or even when they are younger after completing intense workouts.  Consuming dandelion root tea after strenuous activity can help shorten recovery time and reduce aching.  Elderly people can consume the tea when the wake up in the morning to help enhance mobility and reduce swelling.  There are several active compounds found in dandelion roots that helping achieve these effects. These compounds include apigenin, bisabolol, and luteolin.

Better Digestion

One of the primary reasons people consume dandelion tea is to help detoxify their liver and improve digestion.  Dandelion tea is a diuretic which helps the body’s digestive system eliminate waste more rapidly.  This helps reduce bloating due to water retention.  Dandelion tea also boosts healthy liver enzymes.  If you feel like your digestion needs a boost, drink a cup of this amazing tea!

Assist Weight Loss

As mentioned above, Dandelion Root Tea can help generally boost the body’s digestive system.  Dandelion roots naturally contain compounds that dissolve enzymes that absorb fat into the body.  These two effects make consuming dandelion root tea a good way to assist in weight loss.  Healthcare professionals usually suggest consuming dandelion root tea in combination with diet and exercise in order to enhance and take full advantage of the weight reduction.

Reduced Blood Sugar

Diabetes has become one of the most common ailments, and this condition can be extremely dangerous.  Maintaining a level blood sugar level is very important for people suffering from diabetes.  Dandelion tea has been shown to help keep blood sugar levels consistent and reduce large variations.  The research into this benefit is in its infancy, but the early studies show promise.

Bone Strength

Dandelion root tea also contains several beneficial minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and zinc.   These minerals work together to help promote bone health and can improve overall strength.  This can be especially important as people age and broken bones can become extremely dangerous.

Better Circulation

Dandelion roots have high levels of iron.  Iron is a very important mineral that is essential for the normal functioning of the human body.  Iron helps the body create red blood cells which can prevent anemia and boost energy.  Red blood cells help circulate oxygen throughout the body, so low red blood cell counts can lead to fatigue.

UTI Treatment

The fact that Dandelion Root Tea can be used as a diuretic also means it has the added benefit of being used as a UTI treatment.  It helps the body expel waste in the form of urine, and actually reduces the chances of having a UTI.  For women already suffering from a UTI, it can help treat and reduce the duration and severity of the infection.

Possible Cancer Benefits

Dandelion root has recently been studied extensively for its impact on cancer cells.  The preliminary results are promising and exciting, but additional research needs to be completed.  A 2016 study analyzed in-vitro testing of dandelion root extract that was very effective at inducing “programmed cell death selectively in 95% of colon cancer cells.” There were similar studies completed that documented dandelion root extract’s similar affect on Melanoma (2011) and Pancreatic Cancer (2012).  These studies were completed by the University of Windsor in Canada.

Dandelion Root Tea: Possible Side Effects

Unfortunately, many people can exhibit allergic reactions when they come into contact with Dandelions and other similar plants.  Other possible allergy inducing members of this family include chamomile, marigold, and ragweed.  If you are sensitive to these plants, or you have allergic reactions to these plants, you should avoid consuming Dandelion Root Tea.  The tea is generally safe for most people, and many people will not suffer allergic reactions.  If you are concerned, make sure to consult with your allergy doctor prior to consuming any type of herbal tea.  Allergic reactions can be dangerous.

Dandelion Root tea has been shown to enhance the blood-thinning effects of certain prescription medication and OTC NSAID’s.  Once, again, it is important to consult with your healthcare professional to avoid a potential unsafe drop in blood pressure.

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Dandelion Root Tea is an extremely healthy herbal tea that can be used to impact your health in a positive way starting today.  Many people view dandelions as a pesky weed, but I hope that this post has helped you discover that this plant has several possible benefits as well.  Please take the time to share your knowledge with friends and family.  The more people that discover the Dandelion Root Tea Benefits, the healthier this world will be!

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Dandelion Root Tea Benefits: Comments

Have you consumed dandelion root tea and experienced additional Dandelion Root Tea Benefits?  Please share your experiences in the Comments section below.  It keep the HTH community growing!

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