How To Make Dandelion Tea

How To Make Dandelion Tea


Dandelion tea is one of the most popular herbals teas in recent years – literally BOOMING in popularity! It is widely used in different parts of the world because of its numerous health and/or general wellbeing benefits.

It was first used for several centuries in traditional Chinese and Arabian medicine.  Let’s learn how to make dandelion tea so we can experience some of its Earthy flavored goodness for ourselves!!

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Dandelion Tea Bags

dandelion tea bags


Dandelion Tea Bags are a convenient way to make a delicious cup of dandelion tea.  Dandelion Tea is an extremely popular herbal tea that can be made with different parts of the dandelion plant.  Dandelion leaf tea is made using the leaves, and dandelion root tea is made with the roots.  I include my favorite brands of these awesome Tea Bags below.

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Roasted Dandelion Root

roasted dandelion root


Roasted Dandelion Root is the primary ingredient in one of my favorite herbal teas.  Dandelion Root Tea, also known as Dandelion Coffee, is a bold tea with many health benefits.  The primary benefits include improved digestion through increased liver enzymes, antioxidant content, weight loss, etc.  This post is dedicated to explaining some of the primary facts related to Roasted Dandelion Root.

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Harvest Dandelion Roots

harvest dandelion roots


I recently decided to Harvest Dandelion Roots, and I created this post to share my experience with others.  I used my dandelion roots to make Dandelion Coffee, a form of dandelion root tea.  Many herbal tea connoisseurs are already familiar with the Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea.  The diuretic effects of dandelion root tea can help weight loss and improves overall health.  Luckily, spring is right around the corner and dandelions are already starting to sprout.  You can Harvest Dandelion Roots and improve the appearance of your yard at the same time.

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Roast Dandelion Roots

roast dandelion roots


I decided that it would be a good idea to write a post explaining how to Roast Dandelion Roots after I completed my last Dandelion Root Recipe.   Many people enjoy using roasted roots in their herbal tea, but they are more expensive than raw roots. 

Some HTH readers actually pick their own dandelion roots, but they are unsure how to roast them.  This guide contains a simple method to Roast Dandelion Roots that is sure to save  you time and money.

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Dandelion Root Tea Recipe

dandelion root tea recipe


I have received several emails recently asking for a Dandelion Root Tea Recipe.  I am taking these requests as a sign that spring is on the way, and I am ready.  My favorite Dandelion Root Tea Recipe has been a work in progress over the years.  I decided that it would be a good idea to share this recipe with the Herbal Tea Time Community as soon as possible.  I am looking forward to receiving your feedback to improve the recipe further and make it even better.

I hope that you are already familiar with Dandelion Root Tea.  If not, you should read my Dandelion Coffee Guide.

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Roasted Dandelion Tea

roasted dandelion tea


Roasted Dandelion Tea is a delicious herbal tea that utilizes the roots of the dandelion plant as its primary ingredient.  This is one of two popular preparations of dandelion root tea, which is also known as dandelion coffee.  This form of the tea requires roasted dandelion roots, and the other utilizes raw dandelion roots.

You can read more about this tea on my Dandelion Coffee Guide.

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Dandelion Root Benefits

dandelion root benefits


One of the best signs that Spring is on its way is when you can look outside and see dandelions starting to sprout.  Many people view dandelions as a pesky weed and menace that only provide negative impacts and need to be eradicated.  I feel sorry for people like this.  One of the reasons I created this website was to help others learn about the benefits plants and herbs have to offer.  This post is dedicated to detailing Dandelion Root Benefits.  

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Dandelion Root Diuretic

dandelion root diuretic


Dandelion Root Diuretic effects have been well documented.  Many people consume dandelion tea to help “cleanse” their body and the diuretic effects assist in that goal.  It is important to remember that these effects are related to its impact on urination.  Diuretics and laxatives are two separate compounds with two separate effects.  You can read more about this below in the “Guide” section.

Discover other Dandelion Root Tea Benefits!

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