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Best Dandelion Roots for Herbal Tea: Intro

Dandelion Roots can be used to make one of the most popular forms of herbal tea, Dandelion Root Tea.  This tea is also referred to Dandelion Coffee due to its appearance and taste.  Many People use it as a healthy alternative to regular coffee; Dandelion Root Tea is much healthier and caffeine free.  This post contains the Best Dandelion Roots that can be used to make delicious herbal tea.

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I created this list to help people find the highest quality Dandelion Roots to make the best Dandelion Root Tea.  I split this post into two lists, one is for loose tea and the other is for bagged tea.  I do not own shares of any of these companies, so these are completely unbiased reviews.  All of the products listed on this website can be purchased online, and I include the links below.  You can click on the pictures, and you’ll be taken to the product page where you can make your purchase.

Best Dandelion Roots for Herbal Tea: Loose Tea Brands

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This is a list of the best loose tea brands of Dandelion Roots.  The list of the best tea bag brands is at the bottom of this post.  I keep this list updated to reflect current quality.  I order Dandelion Roots regularly so it helps me keep this list accurate for current conditions.

1.)   Feel Good Organics: Raw Dandelion Roots – 1 pound

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Bold Flavor!

This is great high-quality brand of Dandelion Roots.  This is a newer brand supplying Dandelion Roots, but it has quickly become my favorite.  This is a one pound (16 oz.) bag of roots that have been cut, sifter, and are ready to go.  These are certified organic and are sourced from Croatia.  They are raw and not roasted, which I recommend to obtain the most health benefits.  Feel Good Organics offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with your order.   I recently bought two of these bags of Dandelion Roots.  I kept one bag for myself and gave the other to my friend who had asked me about Dandelion Root Tea.  She was told by her vet to give this to her dog, Rocket, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.  I was really impressed with the tea I made with these roots, and my friend was blown away.  She consumed the tea at the same time as her dog.  She loved the fresh taste of the tea, and it gave Rocket energy and helped him live up to his name.  They now consume it every day. This helped reinforce my recommendation of this brand.

2.) Frontier: Raw Dandelion Roots – 1 pound

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Great Aroma!

I recommend Frontier as a quality supplier of many forms of herbal tea.  They recently have started selling this size online.  This is a one pound (16 oz.) bag of roots that have been cut, sifted, and are ready to make tea.  These roots are raw (not roasted) and are the perfect size for making tea.  They are also certified organic.  This large bag will last you a long time.  I have bought several bags of dandelion roots from frontier, and they are always fresh and high quality.  I feel confident suggesting this brand, they are always consistent.

3.)  Starwest Botanicals: Raw Dandelion Roots – 1 pound

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A Reader Favorite!

I recently decided to branch out and try a few new brands of Dandelion Roots, and I ended up liking this one a lot.  As a result, I decided to add this brand to my list of the best Dandelion Roots.  This bag is the same size as the other two mentioned above.  It is a one pound (16 oz.)  bag of roots that have been cut, sifter, and are ready to go.  These roots are also certified organic and are sourced from Croatia (same as Feel Good Organics).  They are raw roots that are picked by hand.  I would put these roots close to the same level as the other two brands mentioned above, and I will monitor their consistency going forward.

Best Dandelion Roots for Herbal Tea: Tea Bag Brands

This is a list of the best tea bag brands of Dandelion Roots.  I keep this list updated to reflect current quality.  I order Dandelion Root tea bags regularly and I edit this list accordingly.  You can purchase any of these products online by clicking the links contained in the list below.

1.) Kiss Me Organics: Raw Dandelion Roots with Hibiscus

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Great Taste!

I usually purchase loose tea, but when I need Dandelion Root tea bags, I primarily buy the Kiss Me Organics brand.  This is one of the only high-quality brands that supplies raw Dandelion Root tea bags.  Most other brands include roasted roots instead of raw.  As stated above, I prefer raw  because it has been shown to contain the most vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds.  The roasting process causes the roots to lose some of their benefits.  I included two links above, they are the same except the first option contains 20 bags and the second option contains 100 bags.

2.) Traditional Medicinals: Organic Roasted Dandelion Root

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Consistent Quality!

Great for Beginners!

For those of you that prefer roasted Dandelion Roots, I recommend the Traditional Medicinals brand.  This brand is certified organic and non-GMO product verified.  This brand offers the best tasting roasted Dandelion Tea.  It has the best reviews in this category by far.  It is also known for its consistency.

Best Dandelion Roots for Herbal Tea: Summary

Once you consume Dandelion Root Tea, you will never look at the plant the same again.  This plant contains several health benefits that can improve your overall health and well being.  You can feel confident purchasing any of the Dandelion Root brands listed in this post.  These are the Best Dandelion Roots that will help you make delicious Dandelion Root Tea.

I suggest reading my Ultimate Guide for Dandelion Tea  to learn everything about Dandelion Tea.  It includes a detailed analysis of the benefits and uses of this tea.

Best Dandelion Roots: Comments

Do you know other brands that you consider the best dandelion roots?  Help add to this discussion by including your experiences in the comments section below. is an herbal tea community that truly values transparency and disclosures. We want to be very clear about one thing. In addition to being herbal tea enthusiasts, we do participate in the Amazon Affiliate program. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

8 Replies to “Best Dandelion Roots”

    1. Yes, people can definitely be allergic to it but the roots are generally safer than consuming dandelion leaf tea. Thanks for your comment!

    2. people on blood thinners need to speak with their doctor (preferably a naturopath). The K2 in dandelion can interfere with the blood clotting ability.

      1. Thanks, Maribell.

        Yes, it is always best to check with your doctor prior to consuming any substance, that includes herbal tea!

        Better to be safe than sorry. You can never be too careful when confirming the interplay between medications and herbal teas.

        – Brandon

    1. Loose tea takes longer to make, but it is generally cheaper and more fresh. I personally enjoy loose tea over tea bags, unless I am in a hurry!

  1. Wow. Thanks for all the good suggestions and detail! This will help me narrow my list down to a winner. Now, if only I can convince my brother to try some with me!

    1. Hi Chris,

      Good luck with your brother and please have him post on this site if he has any questions! Remember, sometimes its easier to start with Dandelion Tea Bags. They are a bit easier to work with, especially for beginners. Then, once he is ready, he can move to the real deal!

      Be sure to write in and tell us what he thinks!
      – BM

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