Pure Leaf Hibiscus Tea

Pure Leaf Hibiscus Tea


Pure leaf hibiscus tea is of the most natural herbal teas on the market. You can’t help but love the way it looks and tastes – just like nature intended. Combine this with its health and/or general wellbeing benefits and it’s a no-brainer! 

Many HTH readers have never tried hibiscus tea, much less pure leaf hibiscus tea. Have you? Let’s take a look at why this particular type of herbal tea is really moving up the charts in terms of popularity!

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Ginger Root Tea

ginger root tea

If you are searching for a list of simple facts to learn more about Ginger Root Tea, you have come to the right place!  This herbal tea is a nutritious herbal tea that uses ginger roots as the primary ingredient.  It is also known simply as ginger tea, and it was first discovered by the Ancient Chinese thousands of years ago.  It has been surging in popularity recently due to the powerful health benefits and delicious flavors.  I have created this list of the Top Ginger Root Tea facts to help familiarize readers with this wonderful tea.

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Spearmint Tea Ultimate Guide

spearmint tea


Spearmint tea is a popular form of mint tea that is made with the leaves of the spearmint plant, Mentha spicata.  The other popular form of mint tea is peppermint tea, which is derived from the leaves of the peppermint plant.  Both of these herbal teas have been absolutely BOOMING in popularity in the last several months – likely due to their ease of use and, above all, exceptional taste!

This herbal tea is famous for its unique taste and powerfully pleasant aroma.  This is yet another herbal tea that has been consumed since ancient times, and it has experienced a recent surge in popularity as people discover the benefits of this tasty herbal tea.  Learn all about Spearmint Tea on this Ultimate Guide!

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Moringa Tea

moringa tea


Moringa Tea is a favorite herbal tea to those overseas, but is slowly beginning to catch on in the United States. You can tell by the name that the main ingredient in the tea is Moringa leaves.  The moringa leaves are harvested from the moringa tree (Moringa oleifera).  The tree is often called the “Miracle Tree” due to its multiple miracle like benefits to the consumer.  The moringa tree produces Ben oil which is very versatile and used in several products from food to beauty.  Other parts besides the oil of the tree can be eaten, used for cooking, used to purify water, or to reclaim the soil. The leaves can also be used to make herbal teas which adds to the versatility of the tree.  Due to this versatility the moringa plant is considered a super plant.  Learn more about moringa Tea and leave with the basics !

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Raspberry Leaf Tea

raspberry leaf tea


Raspberry leaf tea is a healthy herbal tea with some great benefits. You may also know it as red raspberry leaf tea, and it is actually made with the leaves of the raspberry plant, Rubus idaeus. The reason this herbal tea is famous is because of its properties that help women who are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant, but the benefits don’t stop with that. The leaves of the raspberry plant are an awesome source for vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  Raspberry leaf tea is a caffeine-free brew that has been used for millennia to treat a variety of different illnesses.  I have dedicated this post as the Ultimate Guide for Raspberry Leaf Tea.

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Kava Tea

kava tea


Kava tea is a popular herbal tea that is consumed all over the world.  The popularity of this amazing tea can be attributed to its powerful health benefits including reduced anxiety and improved mood.  The tea is primarily made using the roots of the kava plant, Piper methysticum.  This plant is so widespread, it has several different names including: Piper methysticum, Kava-Kava, ‘awa, yaqona, and Kawa.  It is a plant that’s roots are used in making a tea-like substance. Many different cultures have consumed this tea for centuries including South Pacific Islanders, and this herbal tea continues to be consumed as a social, ceremonial, religious, and medicinal drink.

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Hibiscus Tea

hibiscus tea


Hibiscus Tea is a herbal tea made from the red calyces or leaves of the Roselle flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa).  It goes by many different names including, but not limited to, Agua de Jamaica, Rosella, Sorrel, Zobo, and Florida Cranberry. Whatever you call the tea, that doesn’t change the fact that it can provide the consumer with many health benefits that make it so popular.  Hibiscus Tea is popular in the Southern Hemisphere, among many island nations, Mexico, Central America, and African Nations.The tea has also become very popular in North America as more people are discovering the healing benefits that this tea can give.  You can learn more about it on this Hibiscus Tea Ultimate Guide.

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Roasted Dandelion Root

roasted dandelion root


Roasted Dandelion Root is the primary ingredient in one of my favorite herbal teas.  Dandelion Root Tea, also known as Dandelion Coffee, is a bold tea with many health benefits.  The primary benefits include improved digestion through increased liver enzymes, antioxidant content, weight loss, etc.  This post is dedicated to explaining some of the primary facts related to Roasted Dandelion Root.

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Dandelion Leaf Tea

dandelion leaf tea


Most people view dandelions solely as a pesky weed that needs to be removed and discarded as soon as possible.  They are amazed to discover that this abundant wildflower can actually be used to make a fantastic tea that can improve overall health.  Dandelion tea is becoming increasingly popular more and more people discover how easy it is to prepare this amazing beverage.  There are two primary forms of dandelion tea.  Dandelion root tea is a bitter tea made from the roots of the plant.  This post focuses on the other form of the tea, Leaf Tea!  This kind of Leaf Tea is made using the leaves of the dandelion plant.  Although this particular kind of herbal Leaf Tea isn’t as popular, it is still a great herbal tea that provides real health benefits.

You can read more about the health benefits of this tea on my related Dandelion Tea Detox.

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Aniseed Tea

aniseed tea


Aniseed Tea, also known as Anise Seed Tea, is an extremely popular herbal tea that is taking the world by storm.  Aniseed Tea has been used for hundreds of years, but its health benefits have recently helped propel it to a new level.  This post is meant to be an entertaining discussion of 5 Aniseed Tea facts.  My hope is that this info adds to the unique profile of anise seed tea and encourages HTH community members to try it.

Take a closer look at this tea on my Anise Tea Detailed Guide.

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