Dandelion Tea Weight Loss


Dandelion Tea is taking the nation by storm as people are discovering the powerful health benefits.  One of the primary health benefits of dandelion tea is weight loss.  As with any weight loss measures, it is important to combine consumption of this herbal tea with diet and exercise.  Learn how Dandelion Tea Weight Loss works today.

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dandelion tea weight loss

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This post will detail Dandelion Tea weight loss, and it will tell you how it works.  I will include links to scientific journals.  Make sure to Purchase the Best Dandelion Roots for Tea.

Dandelion Tea is a Diuretic

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Dandelion tea is a diuretic, which helps its consumers lose weight.  It is important to remember that a diuretic is different than a laxative.  Diuretics help increase urine output, which allows the human body to eliminate weight more quickly.  This promotes overall health and wellness and helps with weight loss.

Dandelion Tea’s diuretic effects also result in a reduction of bloat and water weight.  Many men and women have issues with water retention, and it makes them appear heavier than they actually are.  Dandelion Tea helps expel this excess water and bloat and leaves the tea drinkers feeling lighter and healthier.  You can read more about the diuretic effects in this study.

Dandelion Tea and Red Blood Cells

Dandelion Tea also naturally causes the body to boost red blood cells.  This helps spread oxygen throughout your body.  This is extremely important for people that are adding exercise to their weight loss routine.  Dandelion tea can help increase endurance and make your workouts burn more fat.  This shows that Dandelion Tea can help reduce weight in multiple ways.  It can really work if you use it properly.  You can read more about Dandelion Tea creating red blood cells on this external scientific journal.

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Dandelion Roots to Make Dandelion Tea

I have included a link to one of my favorite brands of Dandelion Roots below.  These are dandelion roots in tea bag form.  You can read more about this great  brand below:

Kiss Me Organics: Raw Dandelion Roots with Hibiscus

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Good Flavor; A Great Choice for First Timers!

I usually purchase loose tea, but when I need Dandelion Root tea bags, I primarily buy the Kiss Me Organics brand.  This is one of the only high-quality brands that supplies raw Dandelion Root tea bags.  Most other brands include roasted roots instead of raw.  As stated above, I prefer raw  because it has been shown to contain the most vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds.  The roasting process causes the roots to lose some of their benefits.  I included two links above, they are the same except the first option contains 20 bags and the second option contains 100 bags.


Dandelion Tea can assist in weight loss if used properly.  As stated above, you should use Dandelion Tea in combination with diet and exercise in order to maximize results.  Make sure to check with your healthcare professional prior to consuming any types of herbal tea.

Dandelion Tea Weight Loss: Comments

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