How to Make Hibiscus Tea

How to Make Hibiscus Tea


Is hibiscus tea your favorite kind herbal tea? If it is, then you probably have read dozens of articles about how to make hibiscus tea, how to get the right hibiscus tea product, and much more.

That’s completely normal. The fact that you are reading this article means that you’re still searching for the one article that explains it all. You just struck the goldmine then. Let me explain…

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How to Make Rosehip Tea


The rose plant is very popular all over the world today! I mean who doesn’t love the rose plant and all that it stands for? The romance and the soft red petals are just priceless! But that’s not the only use of the rose plant….and that’s why we are going to learn How to Make Rosehip Tea!

Yes! While the rose plant is known for its romantic side, it has other interesting benefits. Rosehip tea, of course, is just one of them! The rosehip, a specific part of the rose plant, is really popular today mostly for its delightful taste and its health or general well being benefits!

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Best Hibiscus Tea

best hibiscus tea


The Hibiscus Tea is more popular than ever before. With immense health benefits and great taste, it’s easy to see why. For this reason, most people now crave for the taste of this herbal tea. If you feel that way, you’d probably want to know all about hibiscus tea. You’d probably also want to know the best hibiscus tea you can buy. Not to worry! This article will discuss that and even more.  

To allow you to understand this article better, I’ve taken the time to break it down into various important sections. First, I am going to start with the basics of hibiscus tea and some fun facts about this herbal tea. 

Next, I provide some of the best products to buy if you want to get some of the best hibiscus tea around this year. I’ll also provide you with some interesting features you should look out for in any hibiscus tea. This is in addition to the benefits and drawbacks of each product. I hope to link you with one of my favorite hibiscus tea. 

I’d also be giving my two cents about the best hibiscus tea listed and what I enjoyed about each of them.

Looking for the right way to make the hibiscus tea? I’ve created checklists to help you figure this out pretty quickly. Also, a short recipe should help you master the instructions faster. 

So if you’re ready like I am, let’s begin our fun journey together!

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Ginger Tea Recipe

ginger tea recipe

Ginger Tea is a delicious herbal tea that is made with the roots of the ginger plant.  It has been consumed for centuries to help prevent and treat nausea, but it has many other benefits as well.  The unique flavor of ginger makes it blend well with other herbs and spices.  I have been trying to encourage readers to try this wonderful tea, so I have decided to create this Ginger Tea Recipe post.

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Iced Spearmint Tea Recipe

iced spearmint tea recipe


Spearmint tea is a refreshing herbal tea that is very popular during the hot summer months, but it can be difficult to find an Iced Spearmint Tea Recipe online.  It utilizes loose spearmint leaves to create the unique flavor and pleasant aroma that is associated with this tea.  I decided to create this Iced Spearmint Tea Recipe to help the Herbal Tea Time Readers brew a delicious cup of minty tea.

Learn more Spearmint Tea Facts on my separate post.

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Spearmint Tea Recipe

spearmint tea recipe


Spearmint tea is a refreshing herbal tea that is popular for its strong minty flavor and pleasant scent.  Spearmint herbal tea is primarily made with the plant’s leaves, which contains most of the nutritional value of the tea.  I have received messages from several readers asking for a Spearmint Tea Recipe.  I personally have tried many different kinds of this tea, so I decided to revisit some of my favorites.  I have created this post to help readers choose a Spearmint Tea Recipe that is refreshing and easy to follow.  There are two free options to choose from below, and both will make a delicious cup of tea!

Feel free to read my Spearmint Tea Benefits to discover some of the positive health impacts of this tea.

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Kava Tea Recipe

kava tea recipe


This website contains a lot of information about a variety of herbals teas. I love especially love kava tea, it definitely falls into my personal top 3 favorite teas. I was in shock when I couldn’t find a kava tea recipe that was of good quality. This really made me sad because I feel like if you find a good recipe for kava tea, it could really impact your life in a positive way. I made it my mission to create a recipe that would result in a quality, delicious tea.  I have included my favorite kava tea recipe below.  I hope you enjoy!

Discover the Health Benefits of Kava Tea on my related post

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Hibiscus Tea Recipe

hibiscus tea recipe


Hibiscus Tea is a popular beverage around the globe, and its popularity is rapidly spreading in the United States.  The United States is a melting pot of cultures, and it is also brings together many different types of tea.  I will explain some of the various ways to prepare Hibiscus Tea in the next paragraph.  Then I have included two of my personal favorite Hibiscus Tea Recipes.

If you would like to learn more about the healthy hibiscus, I suggest reading my Hibiscus Tea Ultimate Guide.  It contains everything you need to know about Hibiscus Tea.

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Hibiscus Tea

hibiscus tea


Hibiscus Tea is a herbal tea made from the red calyces or leaves of the Roselle flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa).  It goes by many different names including, but not limited to, Agua de Jamaica, Rosella, Sorrel, Zobo, and Florida Cranberry. Whatever you call the tea, that doesn’t change the fact that it can provide the consumer with many health benefits that make it so popular.  Hibiscus Tea is popular in the Southern Hemisphere, among many island nations, Mexico, Central America, and African Nations.The tea has also become very popular in North America as more people are discovering the healing benefits that this tea can give.  You can learn more about it on this Hibiscus Tea Ultimate Guide.

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Roast Dandelion Roots

roast dandelion roots


I decided that it would be a good idea to write a post explaining how to Roast Dandelion Roots after I completed my last Dandelion Root Recipe.   Many people enjoy using roasted roots in their herbal tea, but they are more expensive than raw roots. 

Some HTH readers actually pick their own dandelion roots, but they are unsure how to roast them.  This guide contains a simple method to Roast Dandelion Roots that is sure to save  you time and money.

Discover the power of Dandelion Root Weight Loss on my related post.

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