Dandelion Root Tea Recipe

dandelion root tea recipe


I have received several emails recently asking for a Dandelion Root Tea Recipe.  I am taking these requests as a sign that spring is on the way, and I am ready.  My favorite Dandelion Root Tea Recipe has been a work in progress over the years.  I decided that it would be a good idea to share this recipe with the Herbal Tea Time Community as soon as possible.  I am looking forward to receiving your feedback to improve the recipe further and make it even better.

I hope that you are already familiar with Dandelion Root Tea.  If not, you should read my Dandelion Coffee Guide.

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Dandelion Leaf Tea Recipe

dandelion leaf tea recipe


I decided to create this Dandelion Leaf Tea Recipe to help spread the benefits of this unique tea around the world.  You may or may not know, but dandelion leaf tea is absolutely EXPLODING in popularity in the last several months. It is rapidly becoming one of the most popular herbal teas on the herbal tea scene! Probably because of its ease of use and fantastic taste!

Many people view dandelions as a pesky weed, and they never consider other possibilities.  As a result, it can be difficult to convince people to actually try consuming the leaves in tea form.  I hope that this Dandelion Leaf Tea Recipe gives people a nudge in the right direction.

If you are unfamiliar with this wonderful tea, you should check out my detailed post, Dandelion Leaf Tea.

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Star Anise Tea Recipe

star anise tea recipe


I decided to make a post dedicated to supplying a great Star Anise Tea Recipe.  Star Anise Tea is a popular herbal tea that utilizes the fruit of Chinese Star Anise as the primary ingredient.  The tree (Illicium verum) is found in China and Vietnam.  This form of Anise Tea is similar in taste to Anise Seed Tea, but it is totally unrelated.

Before attempting to follow this Star Anise Tea Recipe, I suggest researching this tea in greater detail.  At the very minimum, you should review the best Star Anise to buy.  All of this information can be found in my Star Anise Tea Guide.

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Anise Tea Recipe

anise tea recipe


This Anise Tea Recipe is a great way to become familiar with a trendy herbal tea.  Anise tea is a very popular tea that uses anise seeds as the primary ingredient.  Many Asian countries use the word  “Yansoon” to refer to this amaing tea.  The anise seeds are always obtained from the flowering plant, Pimpinella anisum.  In rare instances, the leaves are used to supplement the seeds.  The main claim to fame for Anise Tea is its use to fight bad breath.

Anise tea (aka Aniseed),  is is sometimes confused with Star Anise Tea due to their similar names and taste.  If you’ve ever seen star anise, you would definitely remember it.  Its unique star-shaped pods are very different from the small anise seeds used to make this Anise Tea Recipe.

If you would like to see a more involved recipe, check out my related post, Anise Seed Tea Recipe.

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Anise Seed Tea Recipe

anise seed tea recipe


Anise seed tea is following the increasing popularity trend seen in the herbal tea community – probably due to the ease of making it with the correct anise seed tea recipe!  Overseas, it is commonly referred to as “Yansoon.”  Anise tea is created with the flowering plant Pimpinella anisum.  The tea is primarily made with the plant’s seeds, but the leaves are rarely used as well.  

Anise tea is famous because of its mild taste and amazing aroma.  Anise seeds are also used in other ways.  Anise seeds are also used in cooking.  The smell is so desirable, that they are also used to make perfumes and other fragrances.  I hope you enjoy one Anise Seed Tea Recipe.

Anise herbal tea is commonly confused with star anise herbal tea due to their close names and similar flavors.  Star anise is actually derived from an evergreen tree found in Vietnam, Illicium verum.

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Jusalpha Teacup Set Review

jusalpha teacup set review


If you are new to herbal tea, one of the first things you need to purchase is a teacup set.  I have purchased and reviewed several teacup sets, and this is currently my “go to” set.  I thoroughly enjoyed creating this Jusalpha Teacup Set Review, and I included a free video review at the end of this post.  This teacup set makes a perfect gift for friends and family, and you’ll discover why this is true in my detailed review!

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Nettle Tea Recipe

nettle tea recipe


Nettle tea is taking the world by storm as people are discovering the tea’s health benefits and pleasant flavor profile.  Nettle tea is made with the leaves of the “stinging” nettle plant.  The nettle plant earned this nickname due to the jagged leaves that are used to make the tea.  When these leaves come into contact with humans or animals, they inject compounds that cause a stinging sensation.  This is important to remember if you are planning on trying to collect nettle leaves from the wild; heavy gloves are necessary to avoid getting “stung.”  Once the leaves are dried or boiled, they lose the ability to sting.  It is perfectly healthy to consume the nettle leaves in the form of nettle tea.  I hope you enjoy a Nettle Tea Recipe included below.

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Best Nettle Tea

best nettle tea


Want to learn about the Best Nettle Tea? Nettle Tea is exploding in popularity as people are starting to discover its pleasant flavor profile and extreme health benefits!  Many people struggle trying to find the Best Nettle Tea. I have created this list of the top nettle tea, and I have divided it into two sections.  Both sections include detailed product descriptions and links to purchase the #1 Nettle Tea.  One section is dedicated to loose leaf nettle tea, and the other section is dedicated to the best nettle tea bags.  I hope you enjoy this list, an it helps you choose some high quality nettle tea.  I highly recommend all of the nettle tea mentioned on this post, and I have personally consumed each variety.

Consuming herbal tea is not recommended for pregnant women and babies.  Make sure to consult with your primary healthcare official prior to consuming any form of herbal tea, including nettle tea.  Nettle tea can interact with certain prescription medications.

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Rooibos Tea Recipe

rooibos tea recipe


Rooibos tea is an extremely healthy herbal tea that has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. The tea is derived from a South African shrub, Aspalathus linearis.  You can purchase most herbal teas in two forms, loose herbal tea or tea bags.  Rooibos tea also has two varieties, traditional (red) rooibos and green rooibos.  Green rooibos has become the trendier version because it contains a higher level of antioxidants.  I decided to include more than one free rooibos tea recipe.  This post contains 6 free rooibos tea recipes.  These recipes are for red or green rooibos tea, both are delicious!

Discover more about this healthy tea on my Rooibos Tea Ultimate Guide for more information.

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