Dandelion Root Tea Recipe


I have received several emails recently asking for a Dandelion Root Tea Recipe.  I am taking these requests as a sign that spring is on the way, and I am ready.  My favorite Dandelion Root Tea Recipe has been a work in progress over the years.  I decided that it would be a good idea to share this recipe with the Herbal Tea Time Community as soon as possible.  I am looking forward to receiving your feedback to improve the recipe further and make it even better.

I hope that you are already familiar with Dandelion Root Tea.  If not, you should read my Dandelion Coffee Guide.

Dandelion Root Tea Recipe Risks

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Before you attempt following this Dandelion Root Tea Recipe, you should contact a healthcare professional to make sure that this form of herbal tea will not put you at risk.  Dandelion Root Tea is considered a fairly safe, but it may interact with certain medications including prescriptions and OTC blood-thinning medications. Other forms of dandelion tea pose increased risk for people with allergies, but the roots also have the potential to cause an allergic reaction.  As a result, individuals with severe allergies should eschew dandelion tea, unless it has been cleared by your allergy doctor.  It is worth consulting your relevant healthcare professionals prior to consuming to obtain peace of mind and avoid danger.


how to make dandelion root tea

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I have decided to create this post dedicated as a Dandelion Root Tea Recipe to provide HTH readers with a fairly simple method for making dandelion root tea (also known as dandelion coffee).  I understand that everyone has unique personal taste, and I encourage you to revise this recipe to best suit your needs.  I also recommend experimenting with different ingredients to discover different flavors.  Please share your experiences at the bottom of this page.

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Best Ingredients for Dandelion Root Tea Recipe

Before you start preparing the tea, it is very important to start with the best ingredients.  The recipe that I include below utilizes loose dandelion root tea rather than tea bags.  You will need to choose whether you would like roasted dandelion roots or raw dandelion roots.  You can always purchase the raw dandelion roots and roast a portion of them to save money.  I recommend placing the raw roots on a baking sheet in your oven, and baking for 25 minutes @ 250 ° F.

#1 Roasted Dandelion Roots for Tea

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Great Flavor; Easy to Work With

#2 Raw Dandelion Roots for Tea (Not Roasted)

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Great Aroma; High Quality!

My favorite brand by far for dandelion roots is Starwest Botanicals.  They sell raw and roasted dandelion roots, and both are excellent.  I have included links to both options above.  The roasted roots are a bit more expensive, but you can roast the roots yourself in an oven (see instructions above).  The roasted dandelion roots have a stronger, richer, and more bitter flavor compared to raw roots.  Roasting the roots does result in a loss of some nutrients, but the roasted roots still make very healthy tea.  Raw roots are lighter in appearance, and the flavor isn’t nearly as strong.   If you like stronger herbal teas, go with roasted.

Dandelion Root Tea Recipe

dandelion root tea recipe

Hopefully, you have now purchased some quality dandelion roots.  It doesn’t matter whether the roots are roasted or raw, you can follow the same recipe.  The roasted roots may require more of the optional Milk and Sugar.  I suggest using a teapot with an infuser.

Ingredients (2 Serving)

  • Water (2 Cups)
  • Roasted Dandelion Roots (1.5 Tablespoons)
  • 2 Cinnamon Sticks
  • Vanilla Extract – 1 teaspoon
  • Milk & Sugar (optional) – To taste


  1. Pour Water into herbal teapot.  Place teapot on range with medium heat and bring to a boil.
  2. Add Dandelion Roots and Cinnamon Sticks to the infuser section of your teapot.  Next, reduce the heat to low setting.
  3. Simmer the ingredients for ~ 25 minutes (longer for stronger tea).  If you are using roasted roots, the water should become significantly darker.
  4. Remove your teapot from heat and turn off range.   Allow teapot to cool for ~ 5 minutes to avoid burning yourself.
  5. Pour tea into teacups and add desired of vanilla extract.  I suggest starting +/- 1/2 teaspoon and stir occasionally.
  6. This step is optional but recommended especially for roasted dandelion roots: Add desired milk/cream, then add sugar to taste.  Now stir
  7. Congrats, you have completed the Dandelion Root Tea Recipe, and it is ready to consume!

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I hope that you have enjoyed making this delicious and nutritious Dandelion Root Tea Recipe.  If you have any questions, please contact me or post them in the Comments section at the bottom of this page.  Other HTH readers will have similar questions, so please don’t keep them to yourself.  I absolutely love interacting with the Herbal Tea Time Community, and you keep me motivated.

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Dandelion Root Tea Recipe: Comments

Have you tried this recipe?  Do you have any suggestions or revisions?  Please share your favorite Dandelion Root Tea Recipe in the Comments section below.  Your feedback helps me tweak my existing recipes and include more recipes on this site.  It makes the Herbal Tea Time community a better resource for everyone.

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  1. I like the flavor of roasted better fo sure. I’ll be using the baking tip to save money so thanks!

  2. I also like Roasted better, but I like going the other route you mentioned. I purchase the brand you recommend on Amazon. Starwest is my friend.

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