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This website contains a lot of information about a variety of herbals teas. I love especially love kava tea, it definitely falls into my personal top 3 favorite teas. I was in shock when I couldn’t find a kava tea recipe that was of good quality. This really made me sad because I feel like if you find a good recipe for kava tea, it could really impact your life in a positive way. I made it my mission to create a recipe that would result in a quality, delicious tea.  I have included my favorite kava tea recipe below.  I hope you enjoy!

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Kava Tea Recipe Risks

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Before attempting to recreate this kava tea recipe, you should contact your personal doctor to ensure that consuming kava root is a healthy option for you.  Kava tea is generally safe to most consumers, but it may interact with prescription medications, particularly anxiety and sedative drugs. I always recommend speaking with your medical care professional before ingesting any type of herbal tea.


kava tea recipes

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I have tried several different kava tea recipes, and have spent many days trying different ingredients to create the best cup of kava tea.  This is my favorite recipe as of now, but I recommend you try new things or adjust the recipe to fit your own preferences.  Now let’s get started…

Kava Tea Recipe First Steps

The first step in creating a delicious cup of kava is to inform yourself about the generally facts of this herbal tea.  If you are unfamiliar, I recommend reading my Kava Tea Facts to learn the basic characteristics about this herbal tea. Next you want to make sure to purchase quality ingredients, there are brand that are better than others in providing the customer with quality products.  I have included information pertaining to my absolute favorite brand of kava tea below.

My Favorite Kava Tea Recipe

Hopefully, you now have a bag of high quality kava root ground powder or root pieces.  Having a teapot with an included infuser is very helpful since the kava root can be gorund into a fine powder.  If you do not have an infuser, it would be wise to invest in a strainer so no large pieces of the root get into your tea, which can ruin the pleasant experience of drinking this tea. This recipe is delicious hot or cold, making it a great year-round drink. Due to the slightly bitter taste of kava, I include sugar and cinnamon in the recipe.

Ingredients (2 servings)

  • Ground Kava Root (6 tablespoons)
  • Water (16 oz.)
  • Vanilla Extract (1 teaspoon)
  • Sugar (2 tablespoons)
  • Ground Cinnamon (1 tablespoon)


  1. Pour Water into herbal teapot.  Place teapot on range with medium heat and bring to a low boil.
  2. Reduce heat to low.  Add remaining ingredients including kava root powder (or ground kava root),  vanilla extract, sugar, and ground cinnamon to the infuser section of your teapot.
  3. Simmer the ingredients for ~ 10 minutes (longer for stronger tea)
  4. Remove your teapot from heat and turn off range.   Allow teapot to cool for ~ 5 minutes to avoid burning yourself.
  5. Pour tea into teacups and add extra sugar if desired.  Stir to help mix evenly.
  6. Congrats, you have completed the kava tea recipe, and it is ready to consume!

Best Kava Tea Roots

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Smooth Taste; Easy to Work With!

If you are attempting to make this kava tea recipe, it  is a great idea to choose the highest quality kava roots. Using quality ingredients can boost the benefits that you gain from the plant.  This brand is by far my favorite brand of kava roots. It contains ground powder and small root pieces.  The effects of this tea are astounding and last for hours on end.


I hope that this kava tea recipe has encouraged you to try kava tea.  I have always had issues relaxing before bedtime and calming my mind and this kava tea recipe has helped me immensely. If you suffer from mild insomnia, then I suggest trying out kava tea.  Feel free to contact me with any questions, or you can post in the Comments section below.

Kava Tea Recipe: Comments

Do you have a favorite kava tea recipe?  Have you thought of unique ways to customize the recipes listed above?  Please share your knowledge by posting a comment below!

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    1. I definitely recommend trying it. Go slow the first time, kava can be pretty strong depending on the strain you purchase!

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