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Aniseed Tea, also known as Anise Seed Tea, is an extremely popular herbal tea that is taking the world by storm.  Aniseed Tea has been used for hundreds of years, but its health benefits have recently helped propel it to a new level.  This post is meant to be an entertaining discussion of 5 Aniseed Tea facts.  My hope is that this info adds to the unique profile of anise seed tea and encourages HTH community members to try it.

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aniseed tea facts

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Here are some fun facts about Aniseed Tea.  This is a good way to get started learning about this tea.  For a closer look at Aniseed Tea, check out my Anise Tea Guide.

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Aniseed Tea Fact #1

aniseed flower

Aniseed Tea is made with the seeds of the Anise Flower.  This flower is a member of the popular apiaceae family that also includes carrots, celery, and parsley.

Fact #2

aniseed tea plant

Aniseeds were so popular and valuable that some ancient cultures actually treated it as currency.  Now that’s what I call “rich” food!

Fact #3

aniseed tea info

The tea was traditionally thought to protect people from being visited by evil spirits.  The Romans used the seeds in celebrations and they were used in many wedding cakes.

Fact #4

aniseed tea fact

Ancient Greeks also placed the Anise plant on their pillow to protect from nightmares and help ensure good dreams.  The Romans used it to reduce the pain experienced during child birth.

Fact #5

aniseed tea compound

Aniseeds contain an active compound called anethole.   Anethole causes most of the the tea’s health benefits.  Anethole makes up 3/4 of the seed’s content.  These benefits include improved digestion and reduced bloating.

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I hope that this post has helped you discover the main facts related to Aniseed Tea.  This great herbal tea starts the day off the right way, and it even fights mouth bacteria to help your breath smell better.  This is another relatively cheap herbal tea that can make a real positive impact on your health.  You should definitely consider adding this tea to your regular rotation; I know for sure it is in mine!

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Aniseed Tea: Comments

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