Anise Tea Recipe


This Anise Tea Recipe is a great way to become familiar with a trendy herbal tea.  Anise tea is a very popular tea that uses anise seeds as the primary ingredient.  Many Asian countries use the word  “Yansoon” to refer to this amaing tea.  The anise seeds are always obtained from the flowering plant, Pimpinella anisum.  In rare instances, the leaves are used to supplement the seeds.  The main claim to fame for Anise Tea is its use to fight bad breath.

Anise tea (aka Aniseed),  is is sometimes confused with Star Anise Tea due to their similar names and taste.  If you’ve ever seen star anise, you would definitely remember it.  Its unique star-shaped pods are very different from the small anise seeds used to make this Anise Tea Recipe.

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This Anise Tea Recipe is a simple way to brew a quality cup of healthy herbal tea.  Consuming anise tea has several benefits and positive effects including improved digestion, increased lactation, reduced menstrual cramps, better skin health and improved oral hygiene.  I encourage my HTH community members to personalize these recipes for your own individual taste and share the information below.

Anise Tea Recipe

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Before you get started on this simple Anise Tea Recipe, I suggest reading my post of The Top Anise Seeds for Tea.  It includes links to purchase my favorite anise seeds online.

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Great for First Timers!

Note: This Anise Tea Recipe calls for crushed anise seeds.  I suggest buying them pre-crushed, but you can also crush them yourself with a mortar bowl.


  • Anise Seeds – 1.5 Tbsp
  • Water – 2 Cups

Step 1

Begin by boiling Water (2 cups) in a tea kettle or small pot

Step 2

Crush the Anise Seeds.  You can buy the seeds crushed or crush them with a mortar bowl, it’s up to your personal preference.

Step 3

Pour the prepared anise seeds into the tea kettle or pot.  Slowly simmer for ~ 5 minutes for optimal flavor.  If you enjoy stronger tea, you can simmer for a couple minutes longer.

Step 4

Pour the herbal tea through a strainer into you desired tea cup.  The strainer helps to remove bigger seed pieces and filter other pieces of sediment.  Add sugar to taste.  I use ~ 1/2 tsp to help sweeten the licorice flavor.  Congratulations, you have now finished the Anise Tea Recipe.  You deserve to celebrate with a delicious cup of anise tea!

I enjoy preparing and consuming Anise Tea in the mornings to start my day off right.  It has the added benefit of helping with bad breath (halitosis), but it is still a good idea to brush your teeth 🙂


I hope that this simple Anise Tea Recipe has helped you become more familiar with Anise Seed Tea.  You can customize any of the recipes listed above to change the flavor to match your personal taste.  If you have any questions, feel free to message me or email me.

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Anise Tea Recipe: Comments

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  1. Absolutely love making anise tea in the mornings to help with my bad breath. I suggest adding a pinch of sugar or raw honey. Keep up the good work!


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