Anise Herb

anise herb facts


Did you know that the Anise Herb is one of the most widely grown herbs in the world? Particularly used in the Middle East, this herb is often categorized as a “flowering plant” – its also the base for Anise herbal tea! 

The Anise herb is very similar to other types of herbs or spices such as the fennel. While the Anise herb serves as food to some insects (moths, for example), insects aren’t the only things consuming Anise. The Anise herb can be used to make several items like alcohol and tea. Today, we’re more interested in the latter, and how you can use the Anise Herb to make one of the most delicious cups of herbal tea that you’ll ever consume! 

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Anise Flavor

anise flavor


Anise is a plant that produces seeds with many different uses.  The primary method of consumption that is discussed on this website is Anise Tea, a popular form of  herbal tea.   The anise seeds are also used as a spice, in candies, and even liquor.  The pleasant anise flavor is one of the main reasons that it has so many applications and is so widely used.  This post is dedicated to the powerful anise flavor, and I provide details in the guide below.

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Anise Herbal Tea

anise herbal tea


Anise Herbal Tea is becoming one of the fastest growing herbal teas, and this growth rate is is definitely deserved.  I wanted to create a post dedicated to informing members of this HTH community about anise tea.  This post is a quick summary of the main facts associated with this type of Herbal Tea.  I have several other posts that discuss other areas of this tea in detail.  I include a link to my ultimate guide for anise tea below.

You can learn more about this tea on my Anise Tea Ultimate Guide

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Anise Tea Bags

anise tea bags


Anise Tea is a popular herbal tea made with aniseeds.  You can read more about this tea on my Anise Tea Ultimate Guide.  There are several ways to make this delicious tea.  Although I usually prefer purchasing raw or loose herbal tea, I understand that many people enjoy tea bags.  As a result, I decided to make this post dedicated to Anise Tea Bags.  It includes links to my favorite high quality Tea Bags for this herbal tea.  I have personally tried all of these brands, and these are my unbiased opinions.

Check out my great Anise Tea Recipe

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Star Anise Tea Recipe

star anise tea recipe


I decided to make a post dedicated to supplying a great Star Anise Tea Recipe.  Star Anise Tea is a popular herbal tea that utilizes the fruit of Chinese Star Anise as the primary ingredient.  The tree (Illicium verum) is found in China and Vietnam.  This form of Anise Tea is similar in taste to Anise Seed Tea, but it is totally unrelated.

Before attempting to follow this Star Anise Tea Recipe, I suggest researching this tea in greater detail.  At the very minimum, you should review the best Star Anise to buy.  All of this information can be found in my Star Anise Tea Guide.

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Aniseed Tea

aniseed tea


Aniseed Tea, also known as Anise Seed Tea, is an extremely popular herbal tea that is taking the world by storm.  Aniseed Tea has been used for hundreds of years, but its health benefits have recently helped propel it to a new level.  This post is meant to be an entertaining discussion of 5 Aniseed Tea facts.  My hope is that this info adds to the unique profile of anise seed tea and encourages HTH community members to try it.

Take a closer look at this tea on my Anise Tea Detailed Guide.

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Anise Tea Recipe

anise tea recipe


This Anise Tea Recipe is a great way to become familiar with a trendy herbal tea.  Anise tea is a very popular tea that uses anise seeds as the primary ingredient.  Many Asian countries use the word  “Yansoon” to refer to this amaing tea.  The anise seeds are always obtained from the flowering plant, Pimpinella anisum.  In rare instances, the leaves are used to supplement the seeds.  The main claim to fame for Anise Tea is its use to fight bad breath.

Anise tea (aka Aniseed),  is is sometimes confused with Star Anise Tea due to their similar names and taste.  If you’ve ever seen star anise, you would definitely remember it.  Its unique star-shaped pods are very different from the small anise seeds used to make this Anise Tea Recipe.

If you would like to see a more involved recipe, check out my related post, Anise Seed Tea Recipe.

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Anise Seeds

anise seeds


Anise seeds are created by the anise flower, Pimpinella anisum.  This website primarily deals with the use of these seeds for herbal tea, but the seeds have other uses as well.  These seeds are used commonly in cooking and are classified as a general spice.  They are known for their amazing aroma, and they have been used to create expensive fragrances for thousands of years.  Consuming anise seed tea will help increase overall health, and this post will detail some of the main facts concerning these amazing seeds.

Note: This post deals with anise seeds, not to be confused with star anise.

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Anise Seed Tea

anise seed tea


Anise Seed Tea is becoming increasingly popular, but many people still do not know very much about this delicious option.  I like to recommend Anise Seed Tea to beginners, because it has a mild flavor profile and lacks some of the characteristic bitterness of other herbal teas.  Anise seed tea has such a pleasant fragrance, the seeds are commonly used for perfumes.  It is important to differentiate Anise Seed Tea from Star Anise Tea.

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