Best Anise Seeds for Tea


Anise tea is a popular herbal tea that is becoming increasingly relevant.  Anise tea is a herbal tea made from the seeds of the flowering plant Pimpinella anisum.  Anise tea has a tasty flavor and a sweet and pleasurable aroma.  Its amazing aroma is why Anise is also commonly used in perfumes.  Anise tea is similar to most herbal teas and is extremely healthy.  This post is dedicated to providing some options for the #1 Anise Seeds for Tea.

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This is a top list for the #1 Anise Seeds for tea.  Any of these brands can be used to make an excellent cup of Anise Tea.  I highly recommend any of the brands included below.

Davidson’s Loose Anise Seeds for Tea

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There aren’t very many great options for loose anise seeds for tea.  This is one of my “go-to” brands for herbal tea, Davidson’s.  Davidson’s anise seeds for tea are extremely fresh, and this is an example why I prefer loose tea over tea bags.  These are USDA certified organic.  

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Powerful Flavor; Great Aroma!

This is a one pound bag that is currently priced to sell.  I highly recommend it, and Davidson’s loose anise seed tea will make a wonderful cup of anise tea.

Celebration Herbals Anise Seed Tea Bags

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Great Convenience and Taste!

Celebration Herbals makes amazing tea bags.  These bags will make many amazing cups of anise tea.  This is a box of 24 anise tea bags that currently is priced for any budget.  They also sell a two pack.  Obviously, you should buy two individual packs because the two pack is priced higher for some reason.


There are several brands of Anise Tea. I hope this post has helped you choose The #1 Anise Seeds for Tea.  All of the Anise Tea Brands mentioned on this page can help you make an amazing cup of anise tea.  Next, I suggest reading about the Health Benefits of Anise Tea.

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