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Anise Herbal Tea is becoming one of the fastest growing herbal teas, and this growth rate is is definitely deserved.  I wanted to create a post dedicated to informing members of this HTH community about anise tea.  This post is a quick summary of the main facts associated with this type of Herbal Tea.  I have several other posts that discuss other areas of this tea in detail.  I include a link to my ultimate guide for anise tea below.

You can learn more about this tea on my Anise Tea Ultimate Guide

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I always recommend speaking with a healthcare professional prior to consuming any forms of herbal tea.  Anise Herbal Tea is widely regarded as a fairly safe form of tea, but it may interact with certain prescription medications.


anise herbal tea guide

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Anise Herbal Tea is a healthy tea that is fairly simple to make.  This guide contains some of the main facts associated with this delicious drink.  Now let’s start learning more about anise tea…

Discover my delicious Anise Seed Tea Recipe

Anise Herbal Tea Plant

Anise Herbal Tea is made by using the seeds from the Pimpinella anisum plant.  This plant is a relative of carrots and celery, and it is commonly found in the Mediterranean region.  It has been used for hundreds of years for stomach ailments and for fighting bad breath.

History of this Particular Herbal Tea

In ancient times, the tea was believed to protect people from evil spirits.  The ancient Romans baked the Anise leaves into a cake.  They usually served the cakes during wedding receptions.  People also placed the Anise plant on their pillow before going to sleep to avoid scary nightmares.  The Romans also believed that smelling the pleasant aroma of anise during labor would reduce labor pain.  This led to many new mothers drinking a delicious mixture of anise seed and milk to quickly restore strength after difficult labor.

Anise Herbal Tea Taste

Anise is known for its sweet flavor, and it has a pleasant smell.  It aroma is easily distinguished by its characteristic flavor.  It has such a nice smell, it is often used in perfumes or other fragrances.  The flavor is commonly compared to that of licorice.  The anise oils are actually used to help enhance the flavoring for licorice candy.

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I hope that this guide has helped you learn more about this fantastic tea.  If you are interested in learning more, you should check out my post detailing the Benefits of Anise Tea.


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