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Anise is a plant that produces seeds with many different uses.  The primary method of consumption that is discussed on this website is Anise Tea, a popular form of  herbal tea.   The anise seeds are also used as a spice, in candies, and even liquor.  The pleasant anise flavor is one of the main reasons that it has so many applications and is so widely used.  This post is dedicated to the powerful anise flavor, and I provide details in the guide below.

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If you have severe allergies, you may want to avoid consuming anise seeds until you have a chance to speak with your doctor.  I recommend speaking with a healthcare professional prior to consuming any forms of herbal tea, and this includes anise tea.


anise tea flavor

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Your personal sense of taste is unique, especially when it comes to likes and dislikes.  That can make a guide like this fairly difficult.  Fortunately, most people agree on general taste profiles for distinct and strong flavors.  Anise flavor is very distinct and the powerful tones are fairly easy to identify.  First, I need to explain the difference between anise and star anise…

Anise vs Star Anise

anise star flavor

Anise is commonly confused with Star Anise, which is mainly due to the similarity in their names.  Anise is the common name for  Pimpinella anisum, a flowering plant and member of the large Apiaceae family.  Other popular members of this family include carrots, parsley, and parsnip.  Conversely, Star anise is part of the fruit obtained from an evergreen tree, Illicium verum.  This tree is a member the Schisandraceae family, and is commonly found in China and Vietnam.  You can see from the picture above, star anise and anise seeds look nothing alike.  Interestingly, these unrelated plants have a very similar taste.  Many people have trouble telling the difference between anise flavor and star anise flavor.

Anise Aroma

anise tea aroma

Anise has several different uses that I mentioned above.  One way that anise is used that I haven’t mentioned yet deals with its aroma.  Anise has historically been used to combat halitosis (bad breath). Scent has a strong impact on taste, so the pleasant aroma is directly related to delicious anise flavor profile.

Anise Flavor Profile

aniseed tea flavor

Anise is unique with a rich aroma and a signature taste.  Anise flavor and aroma are primarily derived from the active compound that is naturally found in the anise plant, anethole.  As stated above, the pleasant smell has resulted in its use as a fragrance.  Most people state that anise flavor is similar to licorice, but more subtle.  It starts out a bit bitter, becomes sweeter, and ends with a slightly bitter finish. There are underlying tones of sweetness the entire time, but the slightly bitter “bite” can make it an acquired taste for some people.   Anise oils are actually used to naturally flavor licorice sweets.

Anise Herbal Tea

One of the most common ways that anise is consumed is in anise herbal tea.  This tea obtains the wonderful anise flavor through anise seeds.  It has several powerful health benefits, and is commonly used to improve digestion.  It has been used for centuries to prevent bloating, gas, and abdominal cramps.

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Best Anise Flavor: Purchase Anise Seeds

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Great Quantity; Better Taste!

If you would like to taste the delicious anise flavor for yourself, I suggest purchasing bulk anise seeds online to make tea.  The primary brand of anise seeds that I consume is Davidson’s.  They provide quality fresh seeds and they can be purchased at a very reasonable price.  This one pound package lasts me months, and I consume anise tea fairly regularly.

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I hope that this post has helped you discover more about anise flavor.  The pleasant aroma and flavor of anise (anise seeds) has helped spread its use in herbal tea, spices, foods, liquors, and perfumes.  If you haven’t tried anise yet, I highly recommend consuming anise tea.  The best way to discover anise flavor is to try it for yourself.

Anise Flavor Comments

What do you think anise tastes like?  Do you agree with this Anise Flavor Guide?  Please share your unique perspective by posting a comment below.  I appreciate you taking the time to spread your knowledge.  I read and respond to all posts, and they keep me motivated! is an herbal tea community that truly values transparency and disclosures. We want to be very clear about one thing. In addition to being herbal tea enthusiasts, we do participate in the Amazon Affiliate program. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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