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Star Anise is a fruit that is produced  by an evergreen tree (Illicium verum), and it has many different benefits and ways to consume.  The method of consuming star anise that is included on this HTH Community is Star Anise Tea, a delicious form of  herbal tea.   Star anise is also used in other yummy foods and beverages including spices, candy, and certain forms of liquor.  The natural sweet taste adds a unique flavor profile   This article describes the unique star anise taste in detail.

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I highly recommend that people with severe allergies should speak with their doctor prior to consuming herbal tea.  This includes star anise tea.  This tea is generally considered safe when consumed at moderate levels.


taste of star anise

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Your personal sense of taste is unique, especially when it comes to herbal tea preferences.  That can make a star anise taste description a bit difficult.  Luckily, flavors such as star anise are fairly strong and distinct.  The unique smell and flavor make star anise taste easier to identify.  I will start by explaining some key differences between star anise and anise.

Star Anise Difference with Anise

anise star flavor

Star anise is often confused with standard anise for several reasons.  These reasons include similar name and aroma, but they have very different appearances.  Anise is the short name for a flowering plant,  Pimpinella anisum.  This plant is part of the large Apiaceae family.  There are several other popular relatives including carrots and parsley.  Anise tea is usually made from the seeds of the plant.  As stated above, star anise is actually a fruit that is produced by an evergreen tree.  The evergreen tree that produces star anise is usually found in China and Vietnam.  The taste is actually very similar to anise seeds, which is surprising to most people.

Star Anise Aroma

star anise taste aroma

Star anise has a pleasant aroma and is used in many different perfumes and fragrances.  It is used to treat halitosis.

Star Anise Taste

Star anise taste is one-of-a-kind with a pleasant smell and a powerful taste.  It derives its flavor from anethole, the active compound that is responsible for most of its benefits.  Star anise is often compared to licorice, but star anise is naturally a bit sweeter.  The taste begins with a slightly bitter tinge which transitions to subtle sweetness.  The sweetness then changes to a bitter finish.  Don’t be intimidated by the bitterness, the entire time there is an underlying tones of sweetness.   Anise oils are actually used to naturally flavor licorice sweets.

Want to learn more? Check out this scientific study pertaining to Star Anise!

Star Anise Herbal Tea

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I hope that this post has helped you learn more about star anise taste.


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