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Anise Seed Tea is becoming increasingly popular, but many people still do not know very much about this delicious option.  I like to recommend Anise Seed Tea to beginners, because it has a mild flavor profile and lacks some of the characteristic bitterness of other herbal teas.  Anise seed tea has such a pleasant fragrance, the seeds are commonly used for perfumes.  It is important to differentiate Anise Seed Tea from Star Anise Tea.

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I suggest reading my Anise Tea Ultimate Guide for more information about this wonderful tea.  This post summarizes that Ultimate Guide.


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Anise Seed Tea Flower 

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Anise Seed Tea is created with the seeds from the Anise Flower, Pimpinella anisum.  This is a perennial flower that is a popular member of apiaceae family.  This family is has other well-known plants and vegetables including carrots, celery, and parsley.  Anise is traditionally found in the Mediterranean region and southwest Asia, but it is now grown all over the world.  The mature plant usually reaches a height between 2-3 feet tall, but they may occassionally grow higher.  The flowers usually appear in the middle of summer, and they are light in appearance.  These tiny flowers are arranged in a cluster.  The anise seeds are usually formed 1-2 months later.  The healthy seeds contain a unique compound called anethole.   Anethole is the primary reason for most of the Anise Tea Health Benefits.  Anethole makes up ~75% of the content of the plant’s seeds.

Anise Tea History

The Anise plant was named by the Ancient Arabs.  The Arabic name for this plant was Anysum.  This was later translated to the Greek work Anison, and then the Latin word Anisun.  Anise seed tea was actually extremely popular during ancient times.  This caused a shortage of anise seeds, and made them extremely valuable.  This was especially true in Rome and Greece.  The seeds were so valuable that they were treated as a precious commodity.  This meant that they were commonly used to trade with other cultures.  They could even be used to pay taxes.  The anise seeds have always been used for culinary and medicinal purposes, which makes it perfect for consumption in the form of an herbal tea.  Anise tea was primarily used for its help with bloating and stomach issues.  It was found to help improve digestion and was consumed to reduce bottom burps.

You can read more about the Anise plant history on this external website.

Other Historical Uses of Anise Tea

In ancient times, the tea was thought to protect people from being haunted by evil spirits.  The seeds were also used for celebratory purposes; the Romans baked the Anise leaves into wedding cakes

People also placed the Anise seed plant on their pillow before going to sleep to protect from nightmares and help ensure good dreams.  The plant was occasionally used during labor; the Romans thought the smell would help reduce birthing pains.

Anise Seed Tea Positive Benefits

anise tea benefits

You can read more about these benefits on my post titled Anise Tea Benefits

Anise Seed Tea Bags

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Full of Taste and Flavor!

I usually suggest purchasing loose herbal tea, but beginners are sometimes better off using tea bags.  This brand, Celebration Herbals, makes amazing anise seed tea bags.  These bags will make several delicious cups of anise seed tea.  This is a box of 24 tea bags that is currently priced reasonably.  They also have other size options available online.  If you would like to see a great brand of loose anise seeds for tea, check out my best anise seeds post.  It includes links for other brands.


I hope that this post has help you become more familiar with Anise Seed Tea.  This is a delicious herbal tea, and it has become one of my favorites.  I drink it on a weekly basis during the Fall and Winter, and the pleasant aroma always brings up great memories.  If you have any questions regarding Anise Seed Tea, feel free to contact me.

Anise Seed Tea: Comments

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