Kava Kava High

Kava Kava High


A number of HTH readers have recently written into us with a very specific question – what is a kava kava high and what does it feel like? These readers are clearly familiar with kava kava, but for those of you who are not, we strongly suggest that you broaden your knowledge on kava kava (and kava tea) by taking a quick look at our Ultimate Guide to Kava Kava. Once you’ve developed a foundation knowledge of Kava, you’ll likely be even more interested in the Kava Kava High. Ready to learn more?

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Kava Root Powder

Kava Root Powder


There are a number of exciting ways to experiment with Kava – one of the more common ways is by using Kava Root Powder! Before we get into this HTH Kava Root Powder focused article, we would strongly suggest that those of you who may be new to Kava check out our ultimate guide to Kava! After visiting that page and learning about, or freshening up on, Kava, you are ready to learn about Kava Root Powder. Let’s gets started!

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Where To Buy Kava

Where To Buy Kava


In the last several months, we’ve notice a significant uptick in the number of HTH readers who have written into with questions about where to buy Kava. Perhaps it is because we’ve been in the business of buying herbal tea for many years, but we never realized that some people, especially beginners, may not be aware of this information. Of course, before we share some information about where to buy Kava, we suggest that you broaden your knowledge on Kava tea by referencing our Ultimate Guide to Kava. After you’ve done that, you’re ready to find the answer – Where to Buy Kava?

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Best Kava Tea Recipe

Best Kava Tea Recipe


One of my favorite types of herbal tea is Kava Tea. Most loyal HTH readers have seen that some of my other posts make reference to kava tea, but for those of you looking for a brush up on this particular type of tea, or those of you who are new to it altogether, make sure to take a look at my Kava Tea Ultimate Guide! Once you are up to speed, its time to learn about the best kava tea recipe! Let’s get started!

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Spearmint Tea Hirsutism

spearmint tea hirsutism

Spearmint Tea Hirsutism

Spearmint tea is a refreshing herbal tea that has several powerful health benefits.  One of the lesser-known benefits deals with Spearmint Tea Hirsutism effects.  Hirsutism is a medical condition that causes women to grow extra hair in unusual places.  The areas affected include face, back and chest.  It can be very impactful psychologically, which leads women to search for effective treatments.

Fortunately, spearmint tea appears to be a potential candidate for treating some cases of hirsutism.  This post analyzes the Spearmint Tea Hirsutism benefits and details the important information.

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Organic Spearmint Tea

organic spearmint tea

Organic Spearmint Tea is a refreshing herbal tea with a distinct flavor and aroma.  It has become increasingly popular in the United States as word spread about the powerful spearmint tea health benefits.  The ability of spearmint to treat halitosis is likely the most well-known positive effect, but it is also an effective treatment for several medical conditions.  Discover the Top 5 Organic Spearmint Tea Health Benefits on this post.

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Ginger Root Tea

ginger root tea

If you are searching for a list of simple facts to learn more about Ginger Root Tea, you have come to the right place!  This herbal tea is a nutritious herbal tea that uses ginger roots as the primary ingredient.  It is also known simply as ginger tea, and it was first discovered by the Ancient Chinese thousands of years ago.  It has been surging in popularity recently due to the powerful health benefits and delicious flavors.  I have created this list of the Top Ginger Root Tea facts to help familiarize readers with this wonderful tea.

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Ginger Tea Recipe

ginger tea recipe

Ginger Tea is a delicious herbal tea that is made with the roots of the ginger plant.  It has been consumed for centuries to help prevent and treat nausea, but it has many other benefits as well.  The unique flavor of ginger makes it blend well with other herbs and spices.  I have been trying to encourage readers to try this wonderful tea, so I have decided to create this Ginger Tea Recipe post.

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Ginger Tea

ginger tea

If you are trying to learn important facts about Ginger Tea, you have come to the right place!  Ginger Tea is a healthy herbal tea that originated in Asia hundreds of years ago.  It uses ginger roots as the primary ingredient, and they are commonly sourced from China and India.  The distinct and pleasant taste of ginger has helped make it a popular spice, and the tea shares the same delicious flavor profile.  This herbal Tea has been consumed since ancient times, and its powerful benefits helped it spread rapidly throughout the ancient world.  I have created this Ginger Tea Ultimate Guide to help share the unique attributes of this wonderful tea.

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