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How do you buy peppermint tea? And not just any peppermint tea….How do you buy the right one? For anyone who craves peppermint tea, this is an important question – and its not an easy answer! Let’s discover why!

Buy Peppermint Tea: Overview

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To buy the right peppermint tea, you need to have a good knowledge of what good peppermint tea looks like. However, buying peppermint tea is really not where it stops. You also have to know to make peppermint tea!

If these are your concerns, you are in the right place. We’re going to discuss the topics above and even more! To help you buy peppermint tea, we’ll also suggest the top picks this 2020 – this should save you some times in terms of research!

Also, if you want to try a great herbal tea with a little less “mint” taste, you might be interest in spearmint tea (just make sure you buy the best spearmint tea so you have a great experience)! You could also try our easy to follow Anise Seed Tea Recipe for something a little “different”!

Buy Peppermint Tea: Basics

The first thing to do when you want to buy peppermint tea is to know its history. As you probably have guessed, it comes from the peppermint plant. This plant is part of the larger mint species. 

Did you know that the peppermint is often called Mentha x Piperita? The peppermint comes from a hybrid formation of the water and spearmint.

Buy Peppermint Tea

This plant is responsible for the delicious type of herbal tea known generally as “peppermint tea”. So, what if you have the peppermint leaves and you have no way to prepare the tea?That brings us to our next point of discussion – Learning the recipes needed to make a delicious cup of peppermint tea for you and your friends to enjoy!

Peppermint Tea – A Simple Recipe

Buy Peppermint Tea

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My favorite recipes for peppermint tea are “fresh peppermint tea” and its iced variants. Today, however, we’ll be considering a different recipe. One that I was introduced to over the Holidays and one that is sure to tickle your palate! Chocolate Peppermint Tea!

To help us understand this recipe better, we’ll outline the ingredients you will need and the instructions on how to make this particular kind of tea. No worries – there are no confusing listings of ingredients or difficult to follow instructions – you won’t find that on any HTH post!

Easy List of Ingredients

  • Water (2 cups)
  • Teabags or leaves (the more bags or leaves, the more “pepperminty” the flavor)
  • Chocolate Syrup (2-3 tablespoons)
  • Sweeteners (we like to use honey)
  • Ice (optional)

Simple Instructions

Step One. Get your water heated. You can either boil the water or microwave a mug. Be careful when working with hot water!

Step Two. Place the tea bag or leaves inside the mug. If you are using leaves, it’s advised you cut them into smaller sizes. It brings out the strong aroma of peppermint. You can also use a pestle and mortar! The more you cut or grind the leaves, the more satisfied you will be with the result!

Step Three. Allow it to steep. The recommended time for steeping is 3-10 minutes. The total steeping time will impact the strength of your tea. You won’t need to steep longer than 10 minutes, however, as there is no additional benefit “flavor-wise”.

Buy Peppermint Tea

Step Four. Remove the tea bag or strain the leaves out. You don’t want any tea leaves getting stuck in your teeth!

Step Five. It’s time to add your chocolate syrups and sweeteners. Stir for a few seconds to one minute. Some like for the syrups and sweeteners to blend, others like for them to stay more intact. If you want a blend, stir longer and harder, otherwise, just stir once or twice!

Step Six. Pour ice into a tall glass. To make it fit well, you can crush the ice into smaller particles. You can also blend your ice to make it more like a smoothie!

Your chocolate peppermint tea is ready at this point. Some people like to add a bit of whipped cream. It adds a unique taste to the tea. It’s optional though. Some readers even blend in coffee – but that’s a little too adventurous for my liking!!

There are many other recipes you can try out. The good part is that they have the same procedures with a few tweaks.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s look at some things you need to know before you buy peppermint tea – after all, you want to make the right choice the first time!

How to Buy Peppermint Tea – Top Features

Buy Peppermint Tea

To buy peppermint tea that’s of high quality, you need to be armed with vital knowledge on peppermint tea products. That’s where we come in!! We want you to know what features your peppermint tea absolutely “must have” to provide you the assurance that you’ll be buying a top notch brand. After all, peppermint tea just tastes better when you are working with the top tier products!

Here are some important features to keep an eye out for. Don’t worry, they are all of equal importance, we have not ranked them:

USDA Organic

If the product is made and sold in the United States, then the product has to meet certain standards. One of them is USDA organic certification. They are the regulatory bodies that inspect organic products. Organic just tastes better, and its better for you!

Buy Peppermint Tea

Without this certification on your peppermint tea, the product could have problems. From the presence of additives to low-quality leaves, the challenges you will face are endless.

So how do you find the right product? The USDA organic symbol is usually displayed on the pack of the peppermint tea. Trust me, it’s quite easy to spot.


While USDA organic looks at how organic the product is, the location of the organic farms also plays a role.

Most peppermint plants find it easy to grow in the Pacific Northwest regions. In the United States, places like Alaska, Washington, and Oregon fits this description perfectly. This is because the climate in this particular region is perfect for the growing and cultivation of many types of produce – especially herbal teas!

Wondering how you can figure out where the peppermint was grown? Most products will include it in their descriptions. So take your time when checking out for its features. We suggest you stick with something that is grown in the United States of America – when possible.

Caffeine Free and Gluten-Free

I personally love the “top tier” peppermint teas because they are free from both gluten and caffeine. The freedom from these substances is what makes the peppermint tea unique. So stay away from peppermint tea that has one or both of these substances.

Apart from these three issues, there are other things you should also look out for. The taste, as well as the reputation of the manufacturer, will all play a role.  Also, you’ll want to be sure of the right quantity. Buy too much? Your peppermint tea will expire in your cupboard. Buy too little? You’ll be unable to fulfill your peppermint tea cravings – the worst!!

Buy Peppermint Tea – Top Picks

If you have come this far, then you’d be itching to know more about our top picks for peppermint tea! We’ve outlined 3 picks that we believe are of the highest quality. By no means are these the ONLY high quality peppermint teas on the market, however, they meet a number of our selection criteria and we have been impressed with their taste and consistency!

Let’s give each of them there own turn:

Buy on Amazon

Fresh and delicious! Those are the perfect words to describe this peppermint tea. Produced by a reputable manufacturer with significant and longstanding experience in the herbal tea sector, this peppermint tea comes in K-cups! How convenient and modern! This helps the user in measuring the precise quantity they want. It also makes clean up MUCH easier!

Each pack of this tea comes with 24 counts of K-cups. This peppermint tea works pretty well with the Keurig brewer with 8 oz. brew being the perfect option. You can brew a K-cup at the 18 oz. size as well, without materially detracting from the “pepperminty” flavor!

Peppermint Tea

I found other impressive features. This product comes free from all forms of additives such as caffeine and gluten. To top things off, it comes as a USDA organic product. Good and good for you? Pretty rare that you find these two qualities in the same product – food or otherwise!

They also come from organic farms all over the world. These farms have been planted in the right location to optimize the quality of the peppermint leaves.

My Experience

I liked its taste! There’s definitely no complaints there. When brewed just right, it’s rich and fulfilling. It also had some very good health or wellbeing benefits. Like what?

It kept my sinuses clear, or made them feel more “cleaned out” and open”, especially during allergy season! My breath fresh – it kind of reminds me of that feeling after just brushing my teeth, without the chemically taste! However, it can trigger some allergies, as experienced by my roommate. Not sever, but just a side effect to potentially be aware of (some other herbal teas have side effects too, learn about hibiscus tea side effects, here)! Here’s a list of pros and cons that I managed to compile on this tea.


  • USDA organic certified
  • Good for your sinuses (breathing feels easier)
  • Great location for the organic farms
  • Fresh breath
  • Good measurement method (easy to know exactly how much you are brewing)
  • Minty fresh taste


  • Low counts of K-cups (I always buy two packs at once)
  • It might be inappropriate if you have allergies – check with your doctor.

Buy on Amazon

This peppermint tea has a cool refreshing taste. It also comes from a manufacturer with a great reputation – they have been around since 1969 and are well known for their products, including a wide range of quality herbals teas.

This particular peppermint tea comes in 6 packs. Each of the packs has about 20 teabags bringing the grand total to 120. The peppermint tea is very easy to make with steeping time between 4-6 minutes. This is a good quantity for your average tea drinker. Of course, if you brew multiple bags per sitting, then you may need to make a larger purchase to ensure that you don’t run out at an inopportune time!

With this peppermint tea, you get a tea free from caffeine and gluten! Did you hear that those of you with dietary restrictions?! It is also certified by kosher and USDA organic. It is the complete package!!

My Experience

You get a chocolate coffee-like taste. I feel it’s perfect for people who crave coffee but are trying to avoid the caffeine that comes with it!

It also comes in handy when you consider its well-being benefits. It has this soothing feeling that leaves you all refreshed. I found that, overtime, I tended to consume this brand after getting home from the office. Its a nice way to “wind down” after a hectic day! I also liked that it came with about 120 tea bags. It’s set to last for a while!!

Here are the pros and cons you can expect when using this product


  • USDA organic certified
  • It comes in a large quantity (great for heavy consumers)
  • Refreshing taste
  • The reputation of the manufacturer (they stand by their products)


  • It’s currently in high demand. This could change though, and is a good indication of its popularity and quality.

Buy on Amazon

This peppermint product is a bit different than the others! That’s why we like it! Variety is the spice of life!! How? Well, it comes in the form of loose tea leaves! Then it’s stored in a bulk bag which weighs a pound!

The good thing about the peppermint loose leaf is that it gives you versatility. You can use the leaves with your homemade soap amongst others. It’s real value for your money. Some HTH readers tell us that they use it as a deodorizer, meaning they sprinkle it around their house (in small quantities) to create a nice aroma without having to rely on harsh air sprays and chemicals!

You can expect a fresh and robust aroma considering the sustainable farming practices that were followed. Most of the peppermint leaves were grown in the Pacific Northwest region without any additives. Additive free is the way to be!

It’s also very affordable – you don’t have to break the bank to get a quality peppermint tea. If you feel like you might be paying too much, you probably are!!

My Experience

It’s really refreshing! The leaves stay fresh because of the nature of the bulk bag. You also have a lot to work with!! I enjoyed making my tea in the evening. This is also where knowing the recipe of the peppermint tea comes into play. 

You get some other benefits too. I found that this peppermint tea also helped with fresh breath and even helped me feel a little better when dealing with my “end of the day” type headaches. It’s a really good tea and learning how to make it from scratch in its loose leaf form is a lot of fun! Makes the end result (the cup of tea) that much more rewarding!!


  • Fresh breath (without the toothpaste!)
  • Versatile
  • USDA organic certified
  • Affordable (save your money for more tea)!


  • Difficult to measure (purchase a scale or measuring cup)

Side Note: If you enjoyed working with the raw materials (the loose leaf tea), you might be interested in learning how to work with roasted dandelion roots (just make sure you work with the best dandelion roots to ensure a positive experience)!


So there you have it! If you are planning to buy peppermint tea, then this article will surely help! When you are looking to buy peppermint tea, just remember what you learned in this article! Look for the Important Features and remember to always align your quantity with your consumption habits! Also, don’t be intimidated away from working with “loose leaf” peppermint tea! If you ever have any questions – you know where to find us (look below)!


Did you know that there were so many things to consider after making the decision to buy peppermint tea? Yes! But, now that you know what to look for, you will make a better and more informed purchase decision! Have you tried the recipe that we showcase above? What was your experience? Perhaps you discovered a fun twist that you’d like to share with the group? Please share your thoughts and opinions with us by posting on the comments board below! We read and reply to every comment and love interacting with the herbal tea community!

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