Best Peppermint Tea


Best Peppermint Tea

Mentha and Piperita. Yes, that’s it! It is this very classic hybrid mint that defines the peppermint species of your dreams! First found in Europe and the Middle East, peppermint has spread to almost all parts of the world and is now found in tons of different products including, luckily enough for us, into the Best Peppermint Tea!

As you’ll learn in this post, the effects of peppermint are clear for all to see! Better yet, peppermint is used to make one of our favorite teas – and we’ll show you how to transform just any old peppermint tea into the Best Peppermint Tea. Are you ready to learn more?!

The Best Peppermint Tea – Learning the Basics

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Peppermint has grown largely because of its popularity – and because of its hardy nature. Did you know that Morocco produces the largest quantity in the world? They account for more than 90% of the peppermint found on the planet with over 90,000 tons produced annually!

We want you to experience peppermint in the form of herbal tea. That’s why we want to teach you how to prepare the Best Peppermint Tea using a very simple and easy to follow recipe – which we’ve posted later in this article. We’ll also help you know some important things to look for when buying peppermint tea. This will help you become a knowledgeable consumer and you’ll be able to differentiate top tier teas from those of lesser quality.

We’ve also included a short write up detailing our own personal experience with the Best Peppermint Tea products out there. We get into some pros and cons to make sure our experience and opinion is easy to follow. We like learning from the experiences of others – hopefully you enjoy it as well.

In the United States, some states such as Oregon and Washington lead the charge in terms of peppermint agriculture. This is understandable as they have a better environment for peppermint growth.

Peppermint is used to produce a ton of items. Chewing gum and toothpaste usually have a touch of peppermint, as you know, but it can also be found in the cosmetic industry! Some even use it in its loose leaf form as a deodorizer – a nice alternative to harsher chemicals and sprays!

Peppermint tea is a direct derivative of the peppermint plant. Makes sense, right? This makes preparing the peppermint tea very straightforward and easy. You just need to acquire the right basic product, then follow a simple recipe that doesn’t bog you down with unnecessary steps. Let’s take a look at a simple recipe for preparing the Best Peppermint Tea around. If you are interested in Organic Peppermint Tea, take a look here!

A Simple Recipe – The Best Peppermint Tea

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Always remember to balance the number of mint leaves used to match the number of servings you have mapped out. You may also want to use more mint leaves if you want a more minty taste!

To help you understand this recipe better, we’ve broken it down into ingredients and instructions. We have also specified the quantity of each ingredient for your convenience. 

Simple Ingredients

  • Water (1-2 cups)
  • 5-10 mint fresh mint leaves (more if you’d like a more minty flavor)
  • Sweeteners (optional) (we like to use honey)
  • Lemon (optional)

Easy to Follow Instructions

Step One. Get a small pot. Pour your water into the pot and let it heat up to a boiling point. Make sure to wear protective items when working with boiling water!

Step Two. Time to prepare your mint leaves. You have at least two options. You can choose to crush or cut your mint leaves. The purpose of cutting your peppermint leaves is to get the aroma or flavor released from within the leaves. The more cutting or smashing you do, the more aroma and, eventually, taste, you create!

Step Three. Pour the leaves into a teapot. If your teapot cannot take loose leaves, you can pour the leaves into a tea bag. Pour the hot water on the leaves.

Step Four. Allow the tea to steep. This should take 5-10 minutes depending on the strength of the flavor. Usually, a stronger flavor takes a longer time to steep. We usually steep for about 8-12 minutes to get the more minty taste desired.

Step Five. Using a strainer, remove the leaves from your tea. You wouldn’t want any tea leaves ending up in your teeth! You can then serve your tea by pouring it into the teacup. Just make sure, again, to be careful when you are pouring the hot water!

Step Six. This is the perfect time to add your sweeteners. The perfect sweeteners for the peppermint tea include honey and lemon. Some HTH readers also use sugars, which are fine, but please only use naturally sourced sugars so you don’t create an “artificial” flavor to the tea!

Your tea is ready!

The best peppermint tea must be prepared the right way – follow the instructions above and you’ll be all set! However, that’s not all that is needed. Let’s have a look at something that’s also very important – the important factors behind the tea itself. 

If you are looking for a basic mint tea or a loose peppermint tea, you are in luck, because we have posts for those topics as well!

The Best Peppermint Tea – What you Should Know

Looking for the best peppermint tea around? If you are, then some important factors have to be taken into consideration. Here are some of them.

Absence of Additives

Additives are substances that are added to the peppermint leaves for preservation and other purposes. However, the addition of these additives can reduce the nutrients in the leaves. Worse yet, it can prove harmful.

When searching for the right product, keep a close eye for products that come with additives – better to let Mother Nature do the “adding”, in our opinion.

We recommend that you go for products that adhere to sustainable farming practices and are free from synthetic additives. Fortunately, these kinds of teas are not too hard to find – you just need to know where and how to look. Other substances such as gluten and caffeine should also be avoided.

Also, peppermint tea is largely without side effects, so long as it is additive free. Some herbal teas do, however, have side effects (learn about hibiscus tea side effects here)!

Health Standards

Before peppermint tea products are sold, certain health standards should be satisfied. Most, but not all, of these requirements are set by regulatory bodies to protect the users of this product.

Best Peppermint Tea

Kosher, USDA are just some of the regulatory bodies that fall into this category. We recommend you take a closer look at only peppermint tea that has been certified by the necessary regulatory bodies – especially if you have dietary or ethical restrictions.


Balancing your books is very important. Hence, it’s only natural that you have a budget for most things you buy. Getting a good deal when getting a peppermint tea is important. Some peppermint tea is marketed at prices far in excess of what is truly “fair”. Remember, you do not have to pay a premium price to get a premium peppermint tea!!

We recommend taking a look at several products before making a decision. This gives you a fair estimate of how much you are going to spend. If a particular product seems “too high”, then it probably is.

Having these features at the back of your mind will help you make the right choice – you’ll be an informed and formidable consumer! The next section will help make the selection process even easier. 

Buying the Best Peppermint Tea

Here are some products we believe are the creme of the crop amongst other peppermint tea products. While these are by no means the ONLY get peppermint teas on the market, they are ones with which we have personal experience and, for that reason, feel comfortable sharing with our HTH readers!

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With a cool refreshing taste, this particular peppermint tea is a masterpiece. Its manufacturers are well known for creating delightful herbal tea and their effort at peppermint tea does not fall short.

This product comes in six packs. One of these packs comes with 20 tea bags taking the total to 120. When combined with at least one-year expiry dates, this makes a lot of sense. Of course, the right quantity is going to depend on how often you drink the tea, and how many tea bags you use per cup. You may need to adjust accordingly!

Best Peppermint Tea

This product comes with no additives added. A win for you and a win for the environment! Also, the farms where its peppermint is grown can be found in Oregon – in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The product has also been approved by many regulatory bodies which means that it has been tested by neutral third parties and has been determined to be safe!

My Experience

The “coffee” taste without the presence of caffeine was the highlight – especially for me since I like to drink my herbal teas at night, but don’t want to interfere with my sleep schedule! I felt refreshed and found it really enjoyable. We think you’d find the chocolate flavor to be nice and unique offering. The 120 teabags give you wider options. For smaller teacups, one teabag is enough (unless you want to double your flavor, of course).

Renewed energy and reduced allergies are some of the health benefits you might perceive from this kind of tea – at least that was the case in my experience. Here are some pros and cons of this peppermint tea.


  • Kosher certified
  • Large quantity (might be too much depending on your rate of consumption)
  • Cool refreshing taste (not overpowering)
  • One year expiry date


  • Drink only once or twice a week for the best results.

Buy on Amazon

This particular peppermint tea comes with an invigorating taste that keeps you coming back for more – and trust me, we did! With 24 counts for Keurig in one pack, your trip back is likely to be successful. Plus, this way of making tea is very quick and easy – minimal clean up!

Another lure is its manufacturer – they have some good history. Established in 1706, the manufacturer has roots in over 100 countries and counting! Their products are often compared with Lipton and the Prince of peace, though they aren’t quite as much of a household name! Big enough to matter, small enough to care, and that’s why we like them!

Their peppermint tea comes with no additives. It’s also grown cultivated in farms that adhere to sustainable farming practices. At an affordable price, it seems like the perfect product. Most of all, we like the convenience and easy clean up!

My Experience

You’d quickly notice that it comes with a minty taste the feels deeply satisfying. I took this tea regularly in the evenings. This seems to be perfect timing as it helped me dive fully into relaxation mode.

There were also some health benefits, or at least I felt like there were, and isn’t that what matters?! I had fewer issues with indigestion, especially after pizza (for some reason). Issues like headaches and bloating were also a little more tolerable. To help you decide whether to go for this product, here are some of its pros and cons, at least what I felt were the pros and cons:


  • Great manufacturer (long and established history)
  • Invigorating taste
  • Good with indigestion (I drink it after pizza)
  • Perfectly blended
  • Affordable
  • Ethically sourced


  • Low quantity. It comes in just 24 counts. I go through these pretty quickly and often buy two packs of 24 as a result – that way I don’t ever run out!

Buy on Amazon

If there is one thing unique to this product from this brand, that has to be its dynamic aroma. It was nearly overpowering the first time I came across it. Like some of the other showcased brands, it hails farms in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and, better yet, comes with no additives – another win for Mother Nature!

Best Peppermint Tea

You can expect to experience a cooling effect when drinking any tea brewed from these peppermint leaves. While several report using the leaves to blend with homemade soaps, we much prefer to use them to brew the peppermint tea. The leaves come in one-pound bags. This means there is enough to last for a while – unless you are a tea-aholic!

Best Peppermint Tea

This manufacturer also meets a number of the health requirements we like to find. It comes kosher certified, and is non-BMO verified. The peppermint tea is also very affordable. Remember, you don’t have to pay top dollar to get top quality! If you like “working from scratch” with the loose leaves, you may also be interested in making a dandelion tea from scratch (just be sure to use the best dandelion roots)!

My Experience

I quickly found out how versatile peppermint leaves are when using this product. From brewing the peppermint tea to using it for other little projects (yes, I did experiment with making some soap – I won’t be trying that again), I definitely enjoyed it!

I also liked the fact it came in a bulk bag. It preserves the flavor and aroma and you don’t always find that feature in a number of the other peppermint teas on the market. Talking about aromas, these peppermint leaves have some of the strongest flavors and aroma. It’s definitely something to look forward to! Here are some pros and cons I’ve outlined.


  • Kosher certified
  • Robust aroma (definitely don’t need “extra” leaves)
  • Effective storage plan
  • Affordability
  • Versatile (maybe you can make some soap, if you have any left-overs, that is!)


  • It can be hard to measure correctly the number of peppermint leaves needed. 


Looking for the best peppermint tea requires some special knowledge, if you want to do it the right way, of course. It also requires having the right attitude to keep looking until you find it! We hope this article has helped you on that front!

We’re positive that making a decision has become easier for you, as we’ve gone into great detail on all things peppermint tea. At this point, you know what important features to look for, and have even been provided with a couple link to what we feel is the Best Peppermint Tea – try it out and let us know what you think!! 


Have you every tried Peppermint Tea? Surely yes, but was it worth of being call the Best Peppermint Tea? Did you find this post to serve as a useful guide for helping you learn how to find, brew and consume one of the best types of herbal tea on the market? Did you follow our recipe? Did you get a little creative and you’d like to share your secret creation with us? Please post on the comments board below and share your story with us! We love interacting with this herbal tea community!

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