Welcome to HerbalTeaHour.com, your source for everything related to herbal tea! I created this site to act as a community supporting members thirsting for more knowledge related to tea – pun intended!  Herbal tea is a fantastic natural way to heal many common ailments and can enhance mood at the same time.  There is a significant amount of information regarding herbal tea, and I will be covering as much of it as possible on this site.  I have recently started this community, and I will be adding a significant amount of information over the next few weeks, so check back often to learn more!

Brandon (Owner: Herbal Tea Hour)

Note:  Herbal tea is different from regular or “true” tea.  Regular tea is made from the actual tea plant.  Herbal tea is made from herbs or other plant materials and usually does not contain caffeine.  Read my detailed guide on herbal tea for more information.

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