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With its home in Europe and the Middle East, peppermint has continued to spread its wings around the world. Many of our community members have been surprised to discover that this unique ingredient is actually a mixture of spearmint and water mint. It is so powerful that it has become popular in its own right. The unique flavor leads HTH readers to ask where to buy peppermint tea, so we decided to create this informational post.

Here at Herbal Tea Hour, we realize that it can be overwhelming for our community members to try and buy peppermint tea. This is especially true if you have discovered the importance of procuring the best and most flavorful ingredients. Do not worry! We will make sure to spread enough knowledge in this post to make you comfortable with the power of peppermint.

By the time you have finished this fun-filled post, you will know how to effectively choose the best peppermint for herbal tea. You will also discover where you can buy it, and how to prepare the peppermint tea using a simple and delicious recipe.


The Basics of Peppermint Tea

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We always believe that it helps to learn the basics about each individual herbal tea in order to gain perspective dealing with each ingredient. It has the added benefit of helping lead to interesting conversation while sharing your favorite herbal beverage with friends! I personally have a richer experience when I consume tea that I have studied in detail. It can even help you find the best peppermint tea ingredients when the time comes to steep your next cup. As earlier stated, peppermint is native to Asian and European countries.

You should already be familiar with the peppermint flavor, whether you directly know it or not! Peppermint is used in the production of candies, toothpaste, and it has many other culinary uses. Menthol, limonene, and menthone are just some of the beneficial oils or compounds that can be found in peppermint. Each of these may have a positive impact on health.

Peppermint is also used to make peppermint tea. The benefits that come from drinking peppermint tea include fresher breath, better digestion and fewer issues with headaches.

For ladies, it also helps with the cramps that come using menstruation. No wonder the question of where to buy peppermint tea has become very important!However, there’s no point buying your peppermint tea when you can’t even make it. This brings us to our next line of discussion. 

Making Peppermint Tea: A Simple Recipe

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When making the peppermint tea, the water needs to be heated properly. This can, however, be discarded when you intend to prepare your tea with cold water.

To make the learning process easier, I have broken it down into two sections. First, we will learn about what is needed and then the steps to follow.

Ingredients to be used

  • Peppermint (Two Teaspoon or One tea bag)
  • Filtered water
  • Kettle
  • Filtered water
  • Teapot

Easy to Follow Steps:

You must follow these steps closely;

Step One

The first step is to boil your water. Here, I would recommend you go for filtered water. It tastes better and should have a positive effect on your tea.

You should let the water boil properly. You can also boil some extra water. This can be used in heating up your teapot.

Step Two

Once your water has boiled, pour some of it into the teapot and swirl. Once you have done this properly, pour the water out. This allows your teapot to be heated up just right.

Step Three

The next step will be to add your peppermint. Two teaspoons are ideal if you are using loose tea. However, if you are using tea bags, then one tea bag is sufficient.

Step Four

Once you have added the right quantity of peppermint leaves, cover your teapot and allow it to steep. The recommended time is 5 minutes.

The great thing about the peppermint tea is that over steeping the tea is not fatal to its taste. Keeping your teapot closed reserves its warmth and moisture.

Step Five

It’s time to use your strainer. Strain your peppermint leaves out. Once you have done this, pour your tea into your teacup and voila! You have your peppermint tea ready and smelling nice. 

Please note that you can decide to add other ingredients such as sweeteners and honey. However, in most situations, this isn’t necessary.

If you decide to use sweeteners, then you should add it once you have poured your tea into your cup. Try not to over sweeten the tea in the process. 

Where to Buy Peppermint Tea – Important Considerations

Looking for where to buy peppermint tea? If you are, then there are several things you have to know. This will help you to buy the best peppermint tea available.

Let’s see if we can pinpoint some of them;

The Manufacturer

When considering where to buy peppermint tea, you have to check out the producers of the tea itself. Most times, going for manufacturers that are well-known and have spent considerable time in the industry might be the right move.

You should make sure that the manufacturers follow the requirements that are outlined by regulatory bodies. Following these standards will generally lead to a better product. An example of this will be Kosher.

Where was the peppermint planted?

There are areas around the world where peppermint grows better. It is often recommended to go for products planted and nurtured in organic farms. These farms are mostly found in the Pacific North in places such as Alaska and Washington.


The price of the product is just as important as well. While you want to buy the best peppermint tea, you might also be a budget. Checking time to calculate the expense before deciding on the peppermint tea might be a wise move.

it is possible to get good products even though you are on a budget. 

Where to Buy Peppermint Tea- Top Notch Brands

If you are looking to buy peppermint tea, these products are your best option. Take a look;

Buy on Amazon

Did you like taking Lipton? Prince of Prince? Well, the producers of this popular teas are back. This product comes in k-cups which makes measuring the peppermint leaves easier.

The k-cups comes with 24 k-cups all in one box. It is gotten from organic farms that provide real quality. This ensures that additives are not added.

Another impressive thing about this peppermint tea is its manufacturers. The twining of London has been around since 1907 giving them the know-how in the tea-making industry. It is also quite affordable.

My Experience

The first thing that hit me when I tasted this tea was its fresh mint taste and inviting aroma. I also liked the k-cups. It removes the stress of measuring the right amount needed.

It also helps with allergies and headaches. It was soothing and very pleasurable, to say the least. It’s a great chai tea. Here are some of my best pros and cons from my experience;


  • Fresh mint taste
  • Renowned manufacturer
  • Affordable
  • A large number of k-cups
  • Great aroma
  • Helps with Allergies


  • No assurance of a warranty. 

Buy on Amazon

This product comes with pure peppermint leaves. No additives and caffeine. It comes with 6 packs containing about 20 packs of peppermint tea.

Another thing impressive about this product is the steeping time. It takes about 4 minutes to steep which is pretty awesome.

It’s pretty much expected from manufacturers that have been around since 1969. It’s also a very affordable product. That certainly adds to its credibility.

My Experience

I like the fact that this can be drunk hot or iced. I also felt it’s quite similar to coffee but with a chocolate taste. That to me is a plus if you are looking for the coffee taste without the presence of caffeine.

The tea bag is also great. For example, it can be used twice which pretty much gives you 240 tea time moments. The health benefits for peppermint tea are present and I think it’s an awesome product. Here are some of the best pros and cons from my experience


  • A large number of tea bags
  • No additives
  • Great taste
  • Affordable
  • Can be drunk hot or iced
  • Teabag reusable
  • Steeping time

Buy on Amazon

This peppermint comes in a big bag. One of those bags weighs about a pound. Frontier Co-op does a brilliant here with this product. It is certified by Kosher. In case you are wondering what this means, this ensures a 100% organic output on this product

This product is grown in Oregon and is known for its robust aroma. I certainly agree with that! You’d quickly find that this product works well not only with brewed tea but with various juices and beverages.

Frontier Co-op has quite a reputation with growing peppermint leaves. Having been around since 1976, they have shown their ability to produce great organic products.

My Experience

I remember the first taste. It has a cooling effect as it goes down your throat. The aroma is also quite nice and is impossible to get tired of.

It also has some health benefits. Your sinuses will mostly benefit from this peppermint. There were other pros and cons I found while using this product.


  • Refreshing feeling
  • Kosher certified
  • Effective storage method
  • Good for the sinuses
  • Perfect in brewing peppermint tea


  • Harder to quantify when compared to tea bags.


Congratulations, you made it to the end! I hope that this post has helped you discover more about the power of peppermint. You should now know where to buy peppermint tea in order to create an excellent cup of herbal tea. Peppermint tea is one of my favorites because it can be used throughout the year. The taste of peppermint always reminds me of the holiday season, but I also enjoy consuming a cup in the summer to help cool me down after a hard day of yard work.


Do you know where to buy peppermint tea? Is there another brand or tip that you feel should’ve been mentioned in this post? Please help this community grow by sharing your knowledge and experience.

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