Dandelion Root Coffee

dandelion root coffee


Dandelion Root Coffee is spreading rapidly as people discover that it can be used as a healthier substitute for regular coffee.  Dandelion Root Coffee does not contain caffeine, and it has several health benefits that aren’t present with regular coffee.  This is a quick guide for Dandelion Root Coffee.  If you would like to learn more about this amazing tea, check out my Dandelion Coffee Ultimate Guide.

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Dandelion Leaf Tea

dandelion leaf tea


Most people view dandelions solely as a pesky weed that needs to be removed and discarded as soon as possible.  They are amazed to discover that this abundant wildflower can actually be used to make a fantastic tea that can improve overall health.  Dandelion tea is becoming increasingly popular more and more people discover how easy it is to prepare this amazing beverage.  There are two primary forms of dandelion tea.  Dandelion root tea is a bitter tea made from the roots of the plant.  This post focuses on the other form of the tea, Leaf Tea!  This kind of Leaf Tea is made using the leaves of the dandelion plant.  Although this particular kind of herbal Leaf Tea isn’t as popular, it is still a great herbal tea that provides real health benefits.

You can read more about the health benefits of this tea on my related Dandelion Tea Detox.

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Aniseed Tea

aniseed tea


Aniseed Tea, also known as Anise Seed Tea, is an extremely popular herbal tea that is taking the world by storm.  Aniseed Tea has been used for hundreds of years, but its health benefits have recently helped propel it to a new level.  This post is meant to be an entertaining discussion of 5 Aniseed Tea facts.  My hope is that this info adds to the unique profile of anise seed tea and encourages HTH community members to try it.

Take a closer look at this tea on my Anise Tea Detailed Guide.

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Dandelion Roots

dandelion roots


Many people view dandelions as pesky weeds that are enemies to a beautiful yard.  These wonderful plants can actually be used to make an extremely healthy tea.  The most popular form is dandelion root tea, which is also known as dandelion coffee.  This post is dedicated to the main ingredient of dandelion root tea, the wonderful Dandelion Roots.

If you are planning on picking wild dandelions or any other plants, make sure to avoid areas that have been treated with chemicals or pesticides.  You also want to make sure animals haven’t urinated or defecated in the area.  That could ruin the flavor of the tea and make you sick!

Learn more about this healthy tea on my Dandelion Tea Ultimate Guide.

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Anise Seeds

anise seeds


Anise seeds are created by the anise flower, Pimpinella anisum.  This website primarily deals with the use of these seeds for herbal tea, but the seeds have other uses as well.  These seeds are used commonly in cooking and are classified as a general spice.  They are known for their amazing aroma, and they have been used to create expensive fragrances for thousands of years.  Consuming anise seed tea will help increase overall health, and this post will detail some of the main facts concerning these amazing seeds.

Note: This post deals with anise seeds, not to be confused with star anise.

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Anise Seed Tea

anise seed tea


Anise Seed Tea is becoming increasingly popular, but many people still do not know very much about this delicious option.  I like to recommend Anise Seed Tea to beginners, because it has a mild flavor profile and lacks some of the characteristic bitterness of other herbal teas.  Anise seed tea has such a pleasant fragrance, the seeds are commonly used for perfumes.  It is important to differentiate Anise Seed Tea from Star Anise Tea.

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Stinging Nettle Tea

stinging nettle tea


Don’t let the name deter you, Stinging Nettle Tea is an extremely healthy tea that has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes.  The tea is named after the nickname for the nettle plant.  The nettle plant is known as the stinging nettle because the jagged leaves inject serotonin and other irritating compounds when they come into contact with human or animal skin.  This is why it is important to wear gloves when collecting wild leaves for this kind of herbal tea. I suggest purchasing loose leaf nettle tea that has already been stripped of its stinging properties.

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Nettle Leaf Tea

nettle leaf tea


Nettle Leaf Tea is an herbal tea that is created with leaves of the nettle plant.  The nettle plant, also known as the stinging nettle or nettle leaf plant, is a flowering plant that is the member of the Urticaceae family.  The stinging nettle leaves actually can inject uncomfortable compounds when they come into contact with human skin.  This is a detailed post describing the main aspects of nettle leaf tea.

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Nettle Tea

nettle tea


Nettle Tea is an extremely healthy herbal tea that is made with the leaves of the nettle plant.  The nettle plant, also known as the stinging nettle or nettle leaf plant, is a flowering plant that is the member of the Urticaceae family.  The stinging nettle name is due to the the plant’s small hairs that inject histamine and other natural compounds that produce a stinging sensation.  This occurs when humans or other animals come into contact with the nettle’s stems or leaves.  The nettle plant has been used for hundreds of years in medicine and food.  This post is dedicated to Nettle Tea.

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Chamomile Tea Benefits

chamomile tea top benefits


Chamomile tea is an extremely popular herbal tea that has several powerful health benefits.  Many people drink chamomile tea to improve their overall health.  This post details the primary Chamomile Tea Benefits, and it explains how this tea can change your life.

This post is for informational purposes only, and it does not include medical advice.  Make sure to check with your doctor or a healthcare professional prior to consuming any herbal teas, including chamomile tea.

Make sure to check out my Chamomile Tea Ultimate Guide for more information.

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