Stinging Nettle Tea


Don’t let the name deter you, Stinging Nettle Tea is an extremely healthy tea that has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes.  The tea is named after the nickname for the nettle plant.  The nettle plant is known as the stinging nettle because the jagged leaves inject serotonin and other irritating compounds when they come into contact with human or animal skin.  This is why it is important to wear gloves when collecting wild leaves for this kind of herbal tea. I suggest purchasing loose leaf nettle tea that has already been stripped of its stinging properties.

Make sure to consult with your doctor before consuming this kind of herbal  tea.  This tea usually doesn’t have severe interactions or negative effects, but it is a good idea to talk to a healthcare professional prior to consuming any types of herbal tea.

Make sure to read my Nettle Tea Ultimate Guide for a detailed description of everything related to this wonderful tea.


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Stinging Nettle Tea has been used for hundreds of years, so it is a well-known herbal tea.  This section goes into some of the main details and facts concerning this amazing tea.

Stinging Nettle Leaves

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As stated above, the nettle plant leaves are used to make this kind of herbal tea.  The tea itself does not have a stinging sensation.  In the wild, the nettle leaves will inject irritants when they come into contact with human skin.  This causes a stinging sensation.  Some people prefer to collect nettle leaves from the wild to make nettle tea.  I suggest purchasing loose leaf nettle tea online, but if you want to collect from the wild, make sure to wear heavy gloves.  The leaves will keep their stinging potential until they are dried out or boiled.

The Best Loose Leaf Nettle Tea

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Fantastic Flavor!

I suggest purchasing loose leaf nettle tea.  There are several high quality brands that can be purchased online.  I have included a link below for Starwest Botanicals Organic Loose Leaf Nettle Tea.  This is a one pound bag of one of my favorite brands of nettle tea.  I highly recommend this brand; it has a quality fresh taste and a great flavor profile.  You can see my other recommended brands on my Best Nettle Tea post.  Any of the brands included on that post will make a great cup of nettle tea.

Stinging Nettle Tea Uses

Stinging Nettle Tea is extremely healthy and has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes.  Some of the uses below have been known since the stinging nettle plant was first cultivated.

  1. Allergy Relief
  2. Assists with Weight Loss
  3. Decreases Blood Pressure
  4. Diuretic
  5. Positive Affect on Libido
  6. More Viable Sperm (for Men)
  7. Testosterone Replacement

I suggest reading more about the Uses and Benefits of Stinging Nettle Tea


I hope that this post has helped you discover some great reasons to try this kind of herbal tea.  This is another plant that is can be a nuisance when planted, but it makes a great herbal tea with several health benefits and uses.


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  1. I can attest that starwest is the best. Seriously though, they do make great raw nettle tea. Gotta go with loose leaf, i agree. 🍃🍃🍃

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