Roasted Dandelion Root Tea


Roasted Dandelion Root Tea is a popular form of dandelion coffee (dandelion root tea). Dandelion coffee is made from the roots of the dandelion plant, and it obtained its name due to its use as a substitute for standard coffee.  There are two ways to prepare dandelion root tea.  One way is to use roasted roots, and the other way is to use non-roasted roots.  This post is dedicated to Roasted Dandelion Root Tea.  If you would like to learn more about Dandelion Root Tea in general, you should check out my Dandelion Root Tea Ultimate Guide.

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You should always consult with a healthcare professional prior to consuming any forms of herbal tea.  This form of dandelion tea is considered to be generally safe, but it is important to verify that it will not interact with any prescription medications.

roasted dandelion root tea guide

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This is a short guide describing Roasted Dandelion Root Tea.  For a more detailed guide about dandelion tea, check out my Dandelion Tea Ultimate Guide.

Roasted Dandelion Root Tea Benefits

Here are some of the main benefits associated with consuming this type of Dandelion Root Tea.  This benefits are shared with the other forms of dandelion root tea, which is also known as dandelion coffee.

roasted dandelion root tea benefits

Roasted Dandelion Root Tea Brands

This is an extremely important portion of this post.  All of my recommendations are unbiased, and I do not own stock in any of these herbal tea companies.  I include two products that can be used to make this type of Dandelion Root Tea using separate methods.

Starwest Organic Raw Roasted Dandelion Root (1 lb)

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Great Taste; Easy to Work With!

I have always stated that I enjoy consuming my herbal tea in the loose form as opposed to using tea bags.  This is for several reasons, but suffice to say that I choose loose tea when available.  As a result, I use Starwest Botanical’s Roasted Dandelion Root when I want a delicious cup of dandelion root tea.  This brand has a unique flavor profile and is extremely fresh.  If you are looking to try roasted dandelion roots, this is definitely the brand you should try.

Traditional Medicinals: Organic Roasted Dandelion Root

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A Great Choice for Beginners!

Some people prefer tea bags rather than loose herbal tea.  This is usually due to the convenience of preparing the tea bags vs steeping loose herbal tea.  For the tea bag lovers, I recommend the Traditional Medicinals brand.  This brand is certified organic and non-GMO product verified.  It offers the freshest tea bags for this type of Dandelion Root Tea.  It has the best reviews in this category by far, and it is known for consistency.


I hope that this post has convinced you to try out Roasted Dandelion Root Tea.  This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy dandelion tea, and it is definitely worth giving a shot.  If you have any questions regarding this delicious herbal tea, please shoot me a message.  I absolutely love interacting with the HTH Community!


Do you enjoy this type of Dandelion Root Tea?  What is your favorite brand?  Do you have any helpful recipe tips?  Please share your knowledge with the HTH Community by posting a comment below! is an herbal tea community that truly values transparency and disclosures. We want to be very clear about one thing. In addition to being herbal tea enthusiasts, we do participate in the Amazon Affiliate program. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. I drink it for the antioxidants, and it does make me feel better overall. I use the starwest brand you mentioned, good taste!

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