Rooibos Tea Benefits

rooibos tea benefits


Rooibos tea is known as one of the healthiest forms of herbal tea.  This is for good reason; rooibos tea has several significant health benefits. There are two preparations of Rooibos Tea, and you can read about both of them on my Rooibos Tea Ultimate Guide.  Green Rooibos Tea is regarded as the healthier preparation of the tea, but the Traditional preparation has herbal tea benefits as well.

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Rooibos Tea Ultimate Guide

rooibos tea


Rooibos Tea, also known as African Tea, is a healthy herbal tea that has recently exploded in popularity.  This is an infusion made with the needle-shaped leaves of the African shrub Aspalathus linearis.  It has been consumed in South Africa for hundreds of years.  News of Rooibos health benefits has helped this tea spread around the world.  It is also known for its mild and pleasant taste, especially when compared to other bitter herbal teas.

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Best Dandelion Roots

best dandelion roots

Best Dandelion Roots for Herbal Tea: Intro

Did you know that the best dandelion roots can be used to make delicious tea? Most of you are already familiar with the bright yellow plants that appear in yards, parks, and open fields in early spring. These plants, called dandelions, always remind me that winter is nearly over and warmer weather is on the way.

Unfortunately, many people only view the dandelion as a pesky weed. In fact, it is a bountiful plant with many uses that nature graciously supplies us. This includes my favorite part of the plant, which is actually lurking below the surface of the soil, dandelion roots.

Dandelion Roots can be used to make one of the most popular forms of herbal tea, Dandelion Root Tea.  This tea is also referred to Dandelion Coffee due to its appearance and taste.  Many People use it as a healthy alternative to regular coffee; Dandelion Root Tea is much healthier and caffeine free.  You get a more natural feel and flavor without a jittery crash afterwards (we’ve all suffered through a vicious coffee crash). This post contains the Best Dandelion Roots that can be used to make delicious herbal tea.

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Dandelion Coffee

dandelion coffee

Dandelion Coffee: A Brief Introduction

Most people view dandelions as a complete menace trying to invade their lawns.  This weed is actually a wildflower that contains powerful natural compounds that can be used to boost overall health. 

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Dandelion Root Tea

dandelion root tea

Dandelion Root Tea: Intro

What do you think of when someone mentions dandelions?  Many people think of a terrible weed that attempts to invade their yard every year. 

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Dandelion Tea Ultimate Guide

dandelion tea


Most people view dandelions as a weed that is a complete nuisance; however, this little plant can pack a positive punch.  The dandelion is actually classified as a wildflower and it is a perennial plant.  Dandelion tea has become increasingly popular and several recent studies have uncovered additional benefits for this amazing herbal tea

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Camomile Tea: Ultimate Guide

camomile tea guide


Camomile tea is one of the most popular varieties of herbal tea.  The tea is prepared with the flowers of the Chamomile plant.  The flowers can be either fresh or dried, depending on your personal preference. 

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Chamomile Tea: The Ultimate Guide

chamomile tea

Chamomile Tea: Intro

Chamomile tea is a popular herbal tea made from fresh or dried chamomile flowers. Chamomile plants are included in Asteraceae family.  This family is one of the largest in terms of species, and many of the other herbal teas are made with plants from this same family.  

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Artichoke Tea: The Ultimate Guide

Artichoke tea

Artichoke Tea: Intro

Herbal Teas has been consumed for hundreds of years to help with several different ailments and illnesses.  One of the most popular teas is Artichoke Tea.  Artichoke Tea is a herbal tea made from the plant Cynara cardunculus.  The edible portion of the plant is derived from the flower buds.  The buds are cultivated before the flowers come into bloom.  Tea can be made with many parts of the plant.  The plant parts available for use in tea include  the roots, leaves and stem. The leaves from the artichoke bud are the primary ingredient used to make Artichoke Tea.  This plant is a vegetable that grows 5-6 feet tall.

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Anise Tea Benefits

anise tea benefits

Anise Tea Benefits: Intro

Anise tea is a popular herbal tea that is extremely healthy and has several benefits.  The tea is primarily made with the seeds from the anise flower.  I decided to make this post detailing the Top Anise Tea Benefits to help inform the Herbal Tea Time community about this terrific tea.

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