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If you are searching for an exciting list of Ginger Tea Benefits, you have chosen the right article!  Ginger Tea is a herbal tea that utilizes nutritious ginger roots as the primary ingredient.  It has been consumed for thousands of years, and the Ginger Tea Benefits have helped it spread rapidly and consistently gain popularity.  

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The ancient Chinese were the first to harness the power of ginger and consume it in tea form.  They quickly recognized the potential of this herb, and they traded it with the rest of the world.  Consumption of ginger tea exploded as it traveled along the silk road and eventually arrived in Europe.  The Greeks and Romans quickly acquired a taste for ginger, and it led to temporary shortages and dramatic price increases.  To learn more details about this tea, check out my Ginger Tea Ultimate Guide.

The Ginger Tea Benefits that are recorded in the Top 10 List below are the same health improvements that have caused people to regularly consume ginger for years.

Before Consuming Ginger Tea

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I consistently recommend  that you discuss consuming herbal tea with your doctor or healthcare professional.  This will help ensure that ginger tea is safe for you to drink.  There are several Ginger Tea Benefits, and this herb is considered safe to consume in reasonable amounts.  However, consuming in higher levels might possibly interact with certain prescription meds.  Your doctor can help you avoid potential health risks and alert you to drug interactions.


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This is the Top 10 List of Ginger Tea Benefits.  It is important to remember that individual body chemistry is unique, and these positive health impacts may not affect everyone the same way.  Contrary to other websites, Herbal Tea Time contains links to the scientific articles that document these benefits. 

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Ginger Tea Benefits #1


ginger tea nausea pregnancy

Ginger has been consumed for centuries to help treat and prevent nausea.  The natural gingerols and shogaols help calm the stomach.  Several studies have concluded that consuming Ginger Tea can help treat nausea during pregnancy and during chemotherapy.  You can view this scientific study dated March 2016 that documents these effects.

Ginger Tea Benefits #2


The same compounds mentioned in the nausea section above can help improve digestion.  This makes the body process waste and absorb nutrients more efficiently.  The digestive system is extremely important and is a cornerstone of overall health.

Ginger Tea Benefits #3


Consuming ginger tea has been shown to help boost the immune system which can prevent colds.  Individuals suffering from common colds can brew and drink ginger tea to decrease the severity and duration of negative symptoms.  You can read more about the the impact of ginger on colds in this National Institute of Health article from March 2013.

Ginger Tea Benefits #4


ginger tea arthritis joints

Arthritis is a painful condition that becomes more common as we age.  There are several natural ways to improve joint health, and ginger has been documented to help loosen joints.  If you are trying to experience this benefit, I suggest consuming a glass early in the morning when joints are at their tightest.

Ginger Tea Benefits #5


ginger tea relax calming

Many people drink herbal tea before bedtime to help fall asleep more quickly.  Ginger is a great option for individuals trying to quiet their mind and relax, especially before going to bed.  I personally have added ginger to my regular nighttime rotation.

Ginger Tea Benefits #6


ginger tea headache migraine

A March 2014 Study, documented on the National Institutes of Health, assessed the efficacy of treating moderate migraines with ginger powder vs. sumatriptan.  Sumatriptan is a prescription medication commonly used to treat migraines.  The study found that ginger and sumatriptan were both effective at treating migraines, but ginger was much healthier with lower side effects.

Ginger Tea Benefits #7


Ginger tea is another herbal tea that contains high levels of antioxidants.  These antioxidants fight free radicals and promote overall health and boost the immune system.  The antioxidants also reduce aging at a cellular level.

Ginger Tea Benefits #8


ginger tea vitamins minerals

Ginger Tea is full of the vitamins and nutrients that can impact several areas of health.  Some of the vitamins and minerals include:

  • The B Vitamin Complex (B1-B6, Folate)
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Zinc

Ginger Tea Benefits #9


ginger tea blood pressure hypertension

Many Americans suffer from hypertension and high blood pressure, a serious medical condition that can lead to increased risk of heart disease and stroke.  Several herbal teas contain compounds that can lower blood pressure, and a few types can be as effective as some prescription medications.  Ginger Tea is moderately effective at lowering blood pressure.  A recent February 2017 Study found that consuming ginger significantly lowered blood pressure 2 hours afterward.  It did state that further studies should be completed to document the method of action in greater detail.

Ginger Tea Benefits #10


ginger tea health

All of the Ginger Tea Benefits listed above join forces to boost several aspects of health.  This results in better overall health, which is positive for both body and mind.  These benefits are a great reason to begin consuming ginger tea, and it is a delicious way to improve health!

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I hope you have learned more about the powerful Ginger Tea Benefits.  These positive effects have helped propel its recent growth.  The recent interest in Ginger Tea Benefits has led to numerous scientific studies that continue to investigate other possible uses.  I personally enjoy ginger tea on a regular basis, and I feel comfortable recommending you to do the same.

This is a good variety of herbal tea for beginners to try.  This tea is fairly inexpensive and has an enjoyable flavor profile.  It is considered a safe form of herbal tea, but I still recommend speaking with your doctor prior to consuming.  This is especially true if you are currently prescribed powerful medications, as they may interact and cause unpleasant side effects.

If you have any questions regarding Ginger Tea Benefits, shoot me a message or post it in the Comments section below.

Ginger Tea Benefits: Comments

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