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Want to learn about the Best Nettle Tea? Nettle Tea is exploding in popularity as people are starting to discover its pleasant flavor profile and extreme health benefits!  Many people struggle trying to find the Best Nettle Tea. I have created this list of the top nettle tea, and I have divided it into two sections.  Both sections include detailed product descriptions and links to purchase the #1 Nettle Tea.  One section is dedicated to loose leaf nettle tea, and the other section is dedicated to the best nettle tea bags.  I hope you enjoy this list, an it helps you choose some high quality nettle tea.  I highly recommend all of the nettle tea mentioned on this post, and I have personally consumed each variety.

Consuming herbal tea is not recommended for pregnant women and babies.  Make sure to consult with your primary healthcare official prior to consuming any form of herbal tea, including nettle tea.  Nettle tea can interact with certain prescription medications.

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Unbiased Analysis

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I do not own stock in any herbal tea companies, and I always maintain an independent and unbiased status.  All of the recommendations listed on this community are my own, and they are not influenced by monetary gain.  I am always trying to learn about new herbal tea brands.  If you have a product that you would like reviewed, please contact me or write a comment.


best loose leaf nettle tea

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There are two primary forms of nettle tea.  These forms are loose leaf nettle tea and nettle tea bags.  I have divided this post into these separate categories.

Loose Leaf Nettle Tea

Frontier Loose Leaf Nettle Tea

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Smells Great; Tastes Better!

This is a very prominent brand of herbal tea, Frontier.  Frontier Tea does an excellent job supplying their loose leaf stinging nettle tea.  This is a one pound package at a reasonable price.  It has been sifted and cut to ensure it is ready to brew.  This is my favorite brand of loose leaf nettle tea.

Starwest Botanicals Loose Leaf Nettle Tea

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Top of the Line in Quality!

This is another great brand supplying fresh loose leaf nettle tea.  Frontier and Starwest Botanicals are the only two brand that I trust for loose leaf nettle tea.  This tea has a great flavor profile, and the one pound bag is currently priced at a level anyone can afford.  You can’t go wrong with either of these brands of nettle tea.

Best Nettle Tea Bags

Some people prefer tea bags due to convenience and easier clean up.  Tea bags allow you to skip the extra step of straining the loose leaf herbal tea.  Here are my favorite brands of the #1 nettle tea bags:

Traditional Medicinals Nettle Leaf Tea Bags

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Very Easy to Work With!

Once again, Traditional Medicinals tops the list of the best nettle leaf tea bags.  This brand is also at the top of several other herbal tea bag lists.  This box contains 32 tea bags.  The tea bags are USDA certified organic and non-GMO certified.  These tea bags are excellent, and they are currently reasonably priced.  I highly recommend this brand of nettle tea bags.

Alvita Organic Nettle Tea Bags

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Convenient Quantity!

This is my second favorite brand of nettle tea bags.  Alvita also sells certified organic and non-GMO nettle tea.  These tea bags have an amazing flavor profile, and they are always fresh.  You will end up with the best nettle tea bags whether you go with this brand or Traditional Midicinals.  The Alvita link below is for a 24 count box which currently sells at a great price.  I also highly recommend this brand.


I hope that this post has helped you discover some of the Best Chamomile Tea.  These brands can all be used to help you make an excellent cup of chamomile tea.  Get started by purchasing one of these top brands, so you can start making chamomile tea.

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