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Chamomile tea is an extremely popular herbal tea that is made with the flowers of the beautiful chamomile plant.  The chamomile flowers are part of the popular Asteraceae family.  This is an extremely healthy form of herbal tea, and there are many options and brands of chamomile tea.  I have spent time and money to analyze the top brands of chamomile tea, and it has allowed me to create this post of the Best Chamomile Tea.

Unbiased Analysis

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I do not own stock in any herbal tea companies, and I always maintain an independent and unbiased status.  All of the recommendations listed on this community are my own, and they are not influenced by monetary gain.  I am always trying to learn about new herbal tea brands.  If you have a product that you would like reviewed, please contact me or write a comment.

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best chamomile tea brands

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I have spent an enormous amount of time and money researching dozens of chamomile tea brands.  This analysis has allowed me to comfortably recommend the following brands as the #1 Chamomile Tea.  All of the products listed below include a detailed analysis and review with a link to the product’s page for purchase.

Discover the Benefits of Chamomile Tea.


I always recommend loose tea to tea bags.  The same is true for chamomile tea.  I believe that loose tea is usually more fresh and a better flavor profile.  Here are my favorite brands of Loose Chamomile Tea:

Wild Foods Organic Chamomile Loose Leaf Tea

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Great Quality; Smooth Flavor!

This is one of my favorite loose leaf tea brands.  Wild Foods is a fun brand that sells high quality organic herbal tea.  Their organic loose leaf chamomile tea is exceptional, and it is currently my favorite brand.  This form of chamomile is sweet and doesn’t have the same bitterness level of some of the other brands.   The ingredients are certified organic, and they are sourced from Egypt.  This is their largest bag, which is the size I always buy. The price is currently very reasonable, and I believe this tea is well worth the price.

Davidson’s Tea: Organic Loose Leaf Chamomile Tea

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Broad Appeal; Smooth Finish!

This is another popular supplier of loose leaf herbal tea.  This package might not be as flashy as the Wild Foods brand mentioned above, but don’t let that fool you.  This chamomile tea is extremely high quality, but it is a little more bitter than the Wild Foods brand.  It is still enjoyable, and I am glad that this tea is certified organic.  One thing I like about this brand is the use of foil in the packaging.  It helps keep the tea extremely fresh.  This one pound bag of loose chamomile tea is currently priced for everyone’s budget!

Positively Tea: Organic Lemon Loose Leaf Chamomile Tea

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Easy to Fall in Love With!

I like Positively Tea because they like to mix up their organic tea by adding organic fruits or combining multiple tea flavors.  This is one of my favorite versions of chamomile tea, and I consume this product in the summer.  The added organic lemon makes this tea extra refreshing.  I highly recommend this form of chamomile tea is you like the taste of lemon with your tea.  This one pound bag currently sells for a reasonable amount.


Some people still prefer tea bags over loose tea.  Tea bags can be easier to brew with and much more convenient.  The bags do all of the straining for you.  Even though I prefer loose tea, I always include some tea bag products.  Here are some of the Top Chamomile Tea Bags.

Stash Tea: Organic Chamomile Tea Bags

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Easy to Use!

This is currently my favorite brand of Chamomile Tea bags.  This tea has a beautiful golden color, an amazingly fresh aroma, and a crisp apple aftertaste.  The chamomile is sourced from Egypt.  This brand is unique because it has the tea bags packed in foil.  They use foil to improve the freshness of the tea, and I believe that it works.  The current price is easy on the pocket book, which is reasonable for this quality chamomile tea.

Celestial Seasonings: Organic Chamomile Tea Bags

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A Great Choice for Beginners!

Celestial Seasonings is focused on being environmentally friendly.  They use recycled cardboard for their boxes, and they don’t include strings on their tea bags.  These are delicious organic tea bags with no artificial flavors, preservatives, and it is also gluten free.  This tea has a rich golden color and a sweet floral taste.  This has historically been the most popular brand of chamomile tea sold online.  It has excellent reviews, and I agree with them.  This is a large amount of Chamomile Tea Bags for a reasonable price.  I recommend these tea bags to anyone looking for high quality chamomile tea bags.

Traditional Medicinals: Organic Chamomile Tea Bags

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An All Around Favorite!

The Traditional Medicinals Brand is also extremely well-known and has been sold for several decades.  This brand is known for providing high quality herbal tea, and their chamomile is no exception.  This tea has a floral fragrance and a taste that is “honey-like” and bittersweet.  Traditional Medicinals Tea is also organic, Kosher certified, and has Fair Trade certified ingredients.  The current price for this package makes it hard to pass up!  This is more expensive than the other brands, which is why I placed it in 3rd position.


I hope that this post has helped you discover some of the Top Chamomile Teas.  These brands can all be used to help you make an excellent cup of chamomile tea.  Get started by purchasing one of these top brands, so you can start making chamomile tea.

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